Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wah Heung Yuen 華香園 / Tak Fat Beef Ball 德發牛肉丸

I was bored on a Sunday afternoon and took my camera for a little adventure.Not really an adventure per se but wandered around the TST area in search of meaningful moments to capture. In order to proceed, I needed energy hence food! I pass by the Hai Phong Road quite often but I never knew that there is an Dai Pai Dong 大牌檔 / cooked food stall within this semi-abandoned wet market. Call me ignorant if you may but I just didn't know it existed. As you approach the end of the wet market area, the surrounding starts to get noisy and you start smelling the aroma of deep fried items. At the end of the pathway, the staff of various food stalls would (over)-welcome you, inviting you to their outlets.

Street Eats

Don't expect comfortable seating and do expect a very heated environment especially when you come during the summer days. The place got plenty of fans if you are wondering and if that makes you feel better. It was a pleasant Sunday with occasionally breezes so I was pretty relaxed without much sweating.

Street Eats

Not many items to choose from but all of them were tempting choices for me!! I ordered the deep-fried pork chops and chicken wings with instant noodles. Just the items in this lunch set made me drool already! Look! That must be my deep-fried pork chop the chef is preparing!

Pork Chops coming right up!

The noodles were only fair, a bit overcooked. The highlights were of course the pre-sliced deep-dried pork chops which were thin but not dry with quite a bit of salt and pepper to make it quite addictive in terms of flavors. Same for the chicken wings! Thumbs up! I know ... MSG attack! Ah well ... I got the Hong Kong styled Milk Tea to wash down the MSG ...

Hearty Afternoon Tea

... I was still hungry after the above set, so I raised my hand, turned around and waved at the lady staff from the beef balls stall (德發牛肉丸 Tak Fat Beef Balls) to order a bowl of plain beef balls which looked quite delicious from the bowl a young lady was having sitting across from me. (yeah, you can basically order any items from all different stalls and can get the bills from any single vendor as well, talk about cooperative operations?)
I am just too hungry!

Oh the beef balls were ... firm to the bite, and I mean very firm yet ...bouncy? I think you can drop it hard onto the floor and it will bounce back up to your eye level at least once. Alright, a bit of exaggeration but I think you get the point. The soup was another MSG attack but the great beef balls made up for that issue.

Beef Balls

  • Firm to the bite beef balls (very firm to the bite!)
  • Deep-fried Pork Chops (thin yet tender and very rich in flavor - likely from salt and pepper but I liked it)

  • The heat? The environment? (then again, it is expected and part of the dining experience as well!
  • The default noodles too soft, perhaps ordering the rice noodles would be better

Avg Spending: Below HKD 100 per person

Wah Heung Yuen 華香園 / Tak Fat Beef Ball 德發牛肉丸
Cooked Food Stall,
Hai Phong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Keith said...

I hear that finding stalls such as this is becoming rarer in HK? But I love this style, the hawker style that is still present and abundant in Malaysia! You'd be surprised but some of the best tasting food comes out of the dirtiest looking stalls!

Jason said...

@Keith: yes indeed! These hawker style eateries are being phased out slowly unfortunately. And you are right about the quality of food from dirtiest stalls haha ... I tend to ignore the dirty aspect but continue to enjoy the food haha

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