Friday, May 21, 2010

Toronto - May 2010 - Day 3 (Brunch)


Day 2 was my friend's wedding day and it was a fun day and night indeed! The weather was perfect, though a bit chilly later into the night, but a few glasses of whisky did the trick! A few of us spent the night at the Park Hyatt Toronto so to avoid getting back uptown in the middle of the night. If I did not mention before, the hotel bed was indeed heavenly!

By the time my friends and I woke up, it was almost time for lunch, but the extra hours of sleeping in was worth it! Since it was a Sunday (Day 3 of my Toronto trip), we were all being a bit too lazy and went to the resto downstairs for a leisure breakfast / brunch.

Even on a Sunday afternoon in Hong Kong, I cannot really relax for some odd reasons. I think the overall atmosphere and stressful energy commonly being surrounded got extended over to the weekends as well. The mood here on a Sunday is definitely different, diners constantly have a big smile on their faces!


The Sunday leisure set came with plenty of items but first thing first, a cup of espresso! Double please! For some reasons, I found that the places I went to for espresso so far here in Toronto, their espresso seemed very ... watery and weak, lacked the rich, deep and bold flavors I like compared with espresso being offered in Hong Kong.


The first item was the Yoghurt, Granola and Fruits which was overly sour!! That woke me up indeed!


The main came with 2 Belgian Waffle Wedges, Whipped Cream, Sliced Bananas and Strawberries AND a choice of two eggs any style plus bacon, sausage or hams. Guess which I ordered??? Check out the picture below, it was not incorrectly focused, it was on purpose because I like to focus on the BACON!!! The crisp bacon! YUM!!! Scrambled Eggs had much to be desired but the bacon made it up.


Setting aside some time for Sunday brunch every weekend can be a way to clear your mind out, reset yourself for the week ahead. Drawing a balance on work life balance has been easier said then done but one need to make a first step in trying at least; a quiet Sunday brunch can be a good way to start!

Annona Restaurant - Park Hyatt Hotel on Urbanspoon

It was a very satisfying bunch thanks to the bacon, it was time for a little walk! My first stop after this fulfilling brunch to pay a visit to the historical Main St.! There were countless of dog lovers bring their doggies out for some sun shines and to play in the parks. This lovely scene on Main St. suddenly reminded me of Hong Kong and how almost ALL Hong Kong PARKS do not allow dogs! What kind of regulation is that by the way??? .... (to be continued ....)


Beef No Guy said...

Hmmm Illy is supposed to be pretty good but I suppose it depends on the espresso machine, the person making it, the beans and the grind etc. I suppose while you are in Toronto, try out local seafood (if you are into Canadian wild salmon for example).

Carmen said...

Jason, did you guys go to the roof top for drinks that night? Beautiful view! aiya, you guys should go to Four Seasons for brunch as the hotel is just in the area.

Jason said...

@Carmen: Initially we booked Four Seasons for Brunch but had to cancel it because some of us couldn't make it :( Perhaps next time ... :(

Joyce Lau said...

What is that cube your bacon is balanced on?

Jason said...

@Joyce: good catch! that little cube under the bacon was creamy hash brown if I recall correctly. It went very well with the bacon! :)

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