Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pee Long Thai Restaurant 隆姐泰國美食館

Pee Long Thai Restaurant 隆姐泰國美食館

Sometimes I tried to find excuses to eat certain food but honestly I don't think I need any excuses for good and yummy food right? I took my cousin who arrived in Hong Kong for just a few hours to this Thai resto in Kowloon City. She likes crab so crab she got!

Pee Long Thai Restaurant 隆姐泰國美食館

It looked like a neighbor joint from its decor and atmosphere but with the constant stream of incoming diners, I think it is quite popular. Great!

Pee Long Thai Restaurant 隆姐泰國美食館

We started off with a simple Garlic Stir-fried Thai Cabbage which lacked flavor if you ask me but decent enough that I cleaned the plate.

Pee Long Thai Restaurant 隆姐泰國美食館

Firm to the bite but the Grilled Whole Squid was slightly undercooked in my opinion. Flavors was fair with hints of smokiness. For extra flavors you can go for the sweet and chili sauce, but I like it the way it was without the sauce.

Pee Long Thai Restaurant 隆姐泰國美食館

The oysters in the Sizzling Oyster Omelette was rich in flavors (quite intense actually plus a bit too salty) with plenty of mini oysters as well. If you plan to order this, make sure you finish the whole thing fast because it tends to get very watery perhaps from the bean sprouts beneath the omelette.

Pee Long Thai Restaurant 隆姐泰國美食館

The Thai Curry Crab was indeed the highlight of the whole meal! Fresh crab with savory, addictive sauce / curry! I was literally drinking the curry! I thought drinking vanilla custard was bad, this just topped my list of crazy consumption! If you have room in your stomach, do order rice or roti to go along so to ensure every drop of the curry is consumed! The curry wasn;t as spicy as I expected so the sweetness of the crab can still be tasted. Thumbs up!

Pee Long Thai Restaurant 隆姐泰國美食館


  • Thai Curry Crab - The curry was wonderful! Addictive!

  • Quite packed and hot, lack of air conditioning power. Expect a lot sweat during summer
  • Oysters Omelette - turned watery after 5 mins or so. Need to finish as soon as possible
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Pee Long Thai Restaurant 隆姐泰國美食館 (aka Lung Jie Thai Restaurant)
18 Nam Kok Rd, Kowloon City
Tel: 2382 1348



rjhintz said...

Can you recommend any Thai restaurants, whether in Thai Town or elsewhere, with regional specialization?

Razlan said...

I couldn't find a review on Pee Long Thai on, but I found yours instead! Went over the weekend (review here), but it was awful, awful, awful. Was it just my luck?

Apartment rent chiang mai said...

I'll be sure to try those Thai Curry Crab, thanks.

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