Thursday, May 13, 2010

Food, It's all about Sharing!

(4) Slow down! plenty for you!

Eating is more than just to fill your stomach full, it has more to it. Food is best to be shared, with someone you care, love and perhaps respect. A meal is an experience, a memorable one if lucky and an equally memorable if you are unlucky. 


HK Epicurus said...

One wonders if they're in a love-hate relationship above haha... Well let's share between us dear - but I'll have the bigger slice thanks very much :P

Michelle said...

I totally agree! I think we talked about this when we went to dinner together - food, or the act of sharing food and eating together, can be a very meaningful thing. You're right, having a meal with great people can make it so much more memorable. (Plus if you're eating with more people, you can try more dishes, lol!)

Like the new look, by the way!

Jason said...

@Michelle: exactly! It can be a very meaningful activity and i should be so! Of course your point about more people equal more food is equally important haha ... the more the merrier!! :)

Jason said...

@Hong Kong & Macau Fine Food: I wonder too! But the one being fed seems to be getting the bigger slice indeed!

Nini said...

i think snack is something you keep for yourself, unless it is disgusting lol!

Jason said...

Habbo: Come on! sharing is good! that means we can all eat more of different things! :)

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