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Toronto - May 2010 - Day 4 (Buffalo Wings Attack!)

Shrimp Dumpling

For those who haven't been to Toronto before, it is good to be informed about its huge Chinese community. One can survive without speaking a single word of English as long as you know Cantonese or Mandarin. With that taken into consideration, there are actually quite a number of established Chinese restaurants around town ... well, mostly uptown in my opinion. One might be shocked to hear that I (and many others I know) find that many of the Chinese restaurants in Toronto (or Vancouver from what i heard) are of excellent quality, perhaps better than many in Hong Kong. (NB: I am not talking about places that serve sweet and sour chicken balls or stir-fry mixed vegetables) Consistency is a key factor and perhaps because of the rather concentrated Chinese community the quality can be maintained; in other words, survival of the fittest and restos in Toronto are quite dependent on returning customers. Lucky Toronto!!!

Empire Court

I heart dim sums and nothing is better than to enjoy them with family. I heard of this new establishment called Empire Court (well, new to me at least) located in uptown Toronto which belongs to one of my favorite Ambassador Cuisine group. In addition to the Shrimp Dumpling, we ordered quite a few dishes such as turnip cakes and stir-fried rice noodle roll.

Bean Curd Roll (Vegi Duck)
Gingery Pastry

Of course BBQ Pork Bun was a must! (along with some sweet steamed egg rolls!) It was a very enjoyable meal and really glad to have spent the time with my family as well. Food quality was as consistent as I expected, well executed indeed.

BBQ Pork Bun
Fried Rice Noodle Roll
More Eggs Rolls

Empire Court on Urbanspoon

After the meal, it was time for a walk and we decided to visit Costco! What's Costco? It is one of the world largest membership wholesale warehouse club which offer items usually in bulk sizes. Example? Well, JUMBO sized Fruit Loops or bucket sized mayo that can last a life time perhaps?

Enough is Enough
Jumbo Cheerios

Want some Miracle Whip by the liters? Or perhaps fine selection of canned pasta from Chef Boyardee? HAHA

Chef has arrived!
Life Long supply???
One Large Container indeed!

Enough exercises for the day, it was time for something hearty! Wings! Buffalo Wings at All Stars Wings and Ribs.

All Stars Wings

What so special about this place? Well, its Wings and its 70+ ... yes Seventy plus different sauces of different hotness! The names of the flavors were quite creative, namely, Hot Blonde, Caesar Does Texas, Wet & Wild, God of Thunder and Me Love you Love Time.

71 flavors! WOW

Single order has 10 wings and you can order them by the 100 as shown on the menu! I guess that explains the use of the bucket! (for the bones of course and not for the after math of being too full! haha)

Beer before Wings!

The 6 of us started with some potato skins which were very rich in flavor! Good that I had the beer with me to wash it down!

Potato Skins

The Onion Scoops was interesting but I think the batter was a bit too thick for my liking.

Onion Scoops

We ordered so many baskets of wings that I lost count, seriously the long bench table were not big enough for the baskets and we had to stack them up!

Countless of wings!

I ordered the Hot Blonde which was the blue cheese flavor. What blue cheese with the name Hot Blonde? Good question indeed!

Blue Cheese! aka Hot Blonde

Pandora Box flavor was close to honey garlic and Alex the Great was quite spicy.

Pandora Box Flavor
Alex the Great Flavor I think

The most memorable has to be the Choc full of Bees (or something like that) which was Chocolate flavored Wings!

Chocolate Wings!!

Enough with the wings. I wanted to take this opportunity convey the following message. WINGS SHOULD BE EATEN with HANDS!!! These are finger food!!! Not forks please!

Wrong Way to eat Wings!

Again, no forks please!

So Wrong!

Please put down your forks and get dirty with your fingers when it comes to wings!!!

No Fork please!

The right way should be like the following!

Perfect Way to eat Wings!

Hope I made myself clear on this point :) ... By the end of the meal, we sat back again the bench because out stomach / tummy were about the explode! Although the bucket for bones was still half empty, it was still half full in my opinion! HAHA

Can we fill up the bucket??

My fair share consisted of .... too many wings! Then again, never too many when it comes to Buffalo Wings right!


All Star Wings & Ribs on Urbanspoon

Day 4 >> Wings! Way too many buffalo wings!

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Unknown said...

how was the chocolate wings? and yeh i love eating wings with my hands, but the hongkies are really good at manipulating and cleaning up wings with...chopsticks!!! kudos!

Jason said...

@Rita: I manipulate the wings inside my mouth! haha ... 10 secs rule!

Greentea00 said...

i miss the wings in T.O.....

HK Epicurus said...

I want the Wings!
A bucket of those in each flavour please!

And I want a tub of those Hellmann's Real Vraie Mayo's with 10% more calories than the normal version too!

Jason said...

@Greentea00: Going back anytime soon?

@HKMFF (aka Hong Kong Macau Fine Food): Bucket of wings for you? No sharing???

Rachelle said...

I was so sad the wings place at LKF closed down!!

And I miss Costco...I remember I loved following my mum to Costco cus of the sample counters. LOL

Jason said...

@Rachelle: yes it was fun shopping at Costco! and tasting all the food HAHA

Jin said...

ooohh buffalo wings in chocolate sauce... i wonder how that tastes like! i love costco with all its giant boxes of food. cheez-it is my favorite big box buy!

Anonymous said...

You don't know me yet, but you take awesome photos! What camera do you use???

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