Monday, May 17, 2010

Qiao Tei Chili Crab 橋底辣蟹 (Under the Bridge Spicy Crab)

Chili Crab

I am not a spicy person (in many ways I am not), but I am always up for it when it comes to food ventures! This time my cousin K who are still visiting as I type this review, love crab so much that she can do the entire one herself! (I am sure she can!) She isn't the spicy kind of person as well but according to her, chili crab is one of the two spicy food she is willing to eat no matter how spicy or how swollen her lips are after the meal.

The 4 of us ordered quite a few but of course we cleaned them all! This branch of "Under the Bridge Spicy Crab" seems to have undergone a renovation and no longer carried the Dai Pai Dong feel which I preferred. Perhaps I went to the wrong outlet? humm ... Anyhow, the most important thing is of course the quality of the food. However, I think the overall quality has dropped compared to my last visit sometime last year. 

First came the Sautéed Shrimps in Maggi Sauce (Pan-fried to be exact I think) and it was a bit too salty. Beer is required to wash down it down for sure. Quite fresh and texture was quite firm, a fair dish.

Pan Fried Soy Shrimp

Had better congee elsewhere but not sure that many places would offer Rabbit Fishes Congee. Maybe I just haven't explored enough places yet. Quite a lot of fish bones so be very careful when eating.


As for the Steamed Razor clams with green beans vermicelli and garlic, plenty of garlic, way too many if you ask me. I know this is the usual way to prepare it but the amount of glaric and its flavors simply overwhelmed the sweetness of the clams. I personally prefer another cooking method. However, for garlic lover, you will love this for sure.


The Sautéed Clams with chili and bean sauce was another test for your taste buds! The flavors of the sauce was good but again a bit overwhelming for my personal liking. Again, this is the traditional / common way of preparing this, just not my thing I guess.


The highlight of the night was of course the Famous Under the Bridge Spicy Crab. Was it as promising as it sounded? Ah well, I am sorry to say that I cannot comment on it because I did not eat. I tried a few bites of the deep fried garlic and it was OH MY kind of chili / spicy! I had to stop because I have not been up to that standard or level of tolerance with chili yet.

plenty of Garlic
Then again, look at how my other cousin, T, fiddled with the crab with his forehead dripping of sweat! It was a sign of good food right?

Need Help?

They cleaned it! Well all the crabs at least.

More Garlic Anyone?

Since I did not eat much of the crab, I ordered the Deep Fired Crisp Pig's Intestines. Yum! Crisp layer with a fatty layer in between. Firm to the bite, chewy yet not overly so, together with the sauce it was pretty good.

Pig Intestine

  • Deep Fired Crisp Pig's Intestines - firm to the bite and chewy yet not overly so. 
  • Famous Under the Bridge Spicy Crab - based on my cousins reactions, it should be very good but definitely very spicy as well.
  • Sautéed Shrimps in Maggi Sauce  - very rich and intense sauce, a bit overwhelming
  • Steamed Razor clams - overwhelming garlic flavors
Avg Spending: HKD 200 - 300 per person (if you order the crab)

Qiao Tei Chili Crab 橋底辣蟹 (Under the Bridge Spicy Crab)
Shop 6-10, 429 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
Tel: 2573 7698

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Carmen said...

Deep Fired Crisp Pig's Intestines!!! Can't find any good one in Toronto.

Beef No Guy said...

Is this the restaurant where Anthony Bourdain ate around 2007 when he visited Hong Kong for his TV show, except him and Frank Sun ate on a boat?

Jason said...

@Carmen: Not just in Toronto but in Hong Kong as well!

@Beef No Guy: You are right! there is a picture on the wall with Anthony Bourdain (signed too)

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