Monday, June 29, 2009

Dong Lai Shun 東來順

It has been a while since I had some Chinese food so tonight I went to Dong Lai Shun (東來順) at the Royal Garden Hotel with a few friends for some Beijing cuisine. We were expecting to have Peking Duck but it turned out to be sold out. Very disappointing indeed. Then again, we booked two hours in advance but without reserving a the Peking Duck. This place is well know for its lamb hot pot but tonight we didn't feel like having such specialty. I do know that there are many famous dishes here but I rather want to try their normal down-to-earth items. Therefore, we ordered a few starters and light dishes.

We ordered the following items: (1) Tea Leaf smoked egg (龍井煙薰蛋) / (2) Mixed bean paste with salty egg yolk (黃金豆板酥捲) / (3) Crispy Pancake with onion and Sesame (荵油餅) / (4) Stir-fried Egg White with Crab Meat (賽螃蟹) / (5) Bean Paste Eggplant (豆板茄子) / (6) Smoked Duck (樟茶鴨) / (7) Pan Fried Beef Bun (生煎包) / (8) Sesame Paste Dumpling (擂沙湯圓)

(1) Tea Leaf smoked egg (龍井煙薰蛋)
It was well prepared, the egg yolk smoked just about right! I think it was a bit over smoked but the yolk remained semi liquid so it passed my test as a good smoked egg. Of course it must contain strong tea leaf / smoke flavor and it did. Although it was not the best smoked egg I had so far, it was a memorable dish because of the way it was served: on individual artistic spoon. A nice touch indeed.

(2) Mixed bean paste with salty egg yolk (黃金豆板酥捲)
An interesting dish indeed. Not what I would call a typical starter but from what I can see, it requires some skills to prepare. The various pastes were mixed and layered before forming into a roll. Those pastes remained soft so it was not easy to prepare it so that it remained intact as a whole. Although it was mixed with salty egg yolk, the overall taste was rather light. An interesting dish but the bean paste + salty egg yolk flavors are not for everyone.

(3) Crispy Pancake with onion and Sesame (荵油餅)
When we were ordering this dish, the friendly staff asked if we want it done "thin" or "thick." I picked "thick" because I know in many places nowadays, the thin pancakes are the common offering which are likely to be too oily. It was a surprise indeed, it was very well prepared in my opinion. Not too greasy and not too much "bread" or flour in the center. A very crispy outer layer but I do hope there were more green onions because it would taste even better !

(4) Stir-fried Egg White with Crab Meat (賽螃蟹)
A fair dish but nothing much special about it. The egg white was a bit overcooked, caused the texture to be a little rough than it should be. Not a dish prepared by senior chef for sure.

(5) Bean Paste Eggplant (豆板茄子)
Aside from the fact that it was too oily, I liked this dish. I understand that to make this a good dish, excess oil is usually needed so the oily sensation was acceptable to me. Although it was a dish with bean paste which tends to be rich in flavor, the result was not as rich as I hoped. Nonetheless, it remained a good dish to be served with white rice!

(6) Smoked Duck (樟茶鴨)
This was the alternative to the Peking Duck we wanted initially. The meat was tender and the skin was crispy; but it wasn't smoked long enough to have the rich smoke taste it needed. A disappointing dish. It wasn't terrible at all, but without the rich smoke flavor, it does not seem to be a 樟茶鴨!

(7) Pan Fried Beef Bun (生煎包)
I never tried such a bun made of beef and I liked it. It was well prepared indeed. The bun layer was thin and there were some juice captured within as well. The amount of juice within is a very important factor in determining if this item was skillfully prepared. Next time you try this dish somewhere else, check the amount of juice trapped inside without leaking of course. In my opinion, the more the better, but beware of hot meat juice!

(8) Sesame Paste Dumpling (擂沙湯圓)
A delightful surprise! Sticky-rice layer was very thin and stretchy as well with hot black sesame paste within, yummy! A freshly prepared dessert that ended our meal on a positive note.

  • Great dessert (擂沙湯圓)
  • Good Services
  • Interesting presentation for the smoked eggs.
  • Better than expected Crispy Pancake with onion and Sesame (荵油餅)
  • Overcooked 賽螃蟹
  • Under smoked 樟茶鴨
  • Greasy 豆板茄子

Dong Lai Shun 東來順
LG, The Royal Garden,
69 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, KLN
Tel: 2733 2020

Te Quick Pasta & Herb Tea

Although I passed by this place many times during lunch hours, never really got the chance to give it a try. Today I did. The entrance to this place is rather difficult to find, or at least the main entrance. The first thing you would notice is the open kitchen. The cashier is located beyond the open kitchen near another entrance (I wonder where that entrance is located on the street level). For a casual dining outlet, the decor used is pretty appropriate: simple and clean cut The operations is similar to Chinese style fast food whereby you order and wait for your dish to be prepared and they will delivery to you. When you look at the menu, the first thing you see from its selection is the Japanese style pasta / salad dishes. Apparently it is a franchise from Japan. I ordered the (1) Spaghetti Carbonara.

(1) Spaghetti Carbonara
The pasta was al dente in my opinion, but they seemed to be pre-cooked for a long while because the level of hardness seemed like the result from leaving it in the cold or out in the open space for a long while. Maybe due to the need for speed since they are called Quick Pasta? Sauce was rather watery and not creamy enough (or enough in terms of amount) to be considered as a Carbonara. Maybe that's the way how the Japanese like it but I do prefer it to be more creamy!

  • can be considered al dente pasta but ... a bit overly harden pasta (due to being pre-cooked in the morning maybe)
  • seating not very comfortable
  • Watery creamy sauce
  • too little creamy sauce
  • can get quite packed during lunch hours (with people standing behind you waiting for tables ... )

Te Quick Pasta & Herb Tea (Central)
1/F, Cheung Hing Commercial Building,
37 Cochrane Street, Central
Tel: : 2110 6910

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Starbucks @ Hung Hom

For some reason, this weekend was rather uneventful. After watching the new Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen movie on Friday, I basically stayed home all Saturday and most part of Sunday. What better to do than head out to a coffee shop to read. I enjoy wandering around town to find some cozy places to read but due to the weather, I ended up somewhere in Hung Hom near Whampoa. With rain starting to fall, I hopped into the nearby Starbucks.

Ordered an Amerciano and later an espresso con panna. Yes, I was tired and in lack of caffeine! Anyhow, what I wanted to write about is the Coffee Egg Tart I ordered. Honestly, I did not taste any coffee flavors at all. This item is one of the local Hong Kong snacks series but I am very disappointed. However, I do have to give them credit for the texture of the crust, it was cookie base and it was pretty crispy and I like cookie crust egg tart !

  • Cookie based crust
  • No coffee taste at all !

Friday, June 26, 2009

Kitchen @ W Hotel

Since I tried Fire before I decided to try the Kitchen at the W Hotel. It was a Friday night and it was pretty packed when we arrived. This place offers buffet dinner 7 days a week and from my observation, most people were here for the buffet. The decor at this place is very "hip" if that is the right word to use. Also, it is better than the Fire for the fact that it is more spacious and higher ceiling as well. However, it was pretty noisy when we were there. Another interesting thing I realized was that 80% of the customers were females. Interesting indeed! Maybe I will come back later for their Sunday Champagne brunch !

On top of the standard a la carte menu, there were other special items menu as well; but abit confusing because the descriptions provided were pretty confusing especially the extra wine package that goes along with the buffet selection. Anyhow, I was not interested in the buffet but instead their Canadian beef specials. What so special about Canadian beef special? Nothing really but it was how they offered it that sparked my curiosity. Before we ordered, they served us some breads. Although I like how to serve it on a wooden bread board along with the olive oil and vinegar, they slices of bread were not very fresh.

We ordered the following: (1) Bruschetta, (2) black cod + white bean mash + beetroot relish and (3) 950 grams Canadian bone in ribeye with a choice of 3 sidedishes out of 12. O yeah, 950 grams ! I shared it with someone else of course ! For those who followed my blog, you know how picky I am with steak, however, the fact that it came in at 950 grams helped me to decide.

(1) Bruschetta
Honestly, bruschetta to me is a fairly easy dish to make and a safe choice to order in terms of quality. However, the bruchetta here was disappointing. There were very little diced tomatoes and the bread they use was just wrong. Maybe there are several types of bread that can be used to make this dish, but I am used to Baguette / French bread. I think it was Focaccia that was used but the problem was the size and thickness of the bread. Too thick and too little toppings. One thing I like about this dish was the dish itself. It was served heated. A nice touch but would be better if the bruschetta was good too.

(2) black cod + white bean mash + beetroot relish
My friend ordered the black cod and according to her, the fish was pretty fish. A fair dish indeed. I liked the plating of the dish for some reasons, I found it pretty attractive. The plating sauce was beetroot sauce which I think was a good combination with the fish. One thing my friend commented was that the fish was rather oily but I think it was the fish oil. OMEGA 3 ! yeah !

(3) 950 grams Canadian bone in ribeye
It was HUGE !!! I though it was just a gimmick but it was HUGE. Good that I was sharing with someone so I did not have to eat the whole thing on my own. Did I mention it was HUGE? I think it was intended to be shared. I ordered it medium-rare but it turned out to be close to medium. I guess it was the thickness of the steak that made it hard to cook to perfection? Is it a good excuse? I don't know but since my friend was okay with the steak and how it was prepared, I was okay with it as well. The meat quality itself was pretty good. In terms of side dishes / sauces, out of the 12, I picked red wine jus, roasted kipflers and spice grill eggplant. The wine jus was light, the grill eggplant was abit cold. The roasted kipflers on the other hand were pretty good, fresh off the broiler. In terms of overall experience, the Fire is indeed better in my opinion.

  • Environment (casual)
  • Nice silverware / dining ware
  • brushette (bread too thick, too little toppings)
  • environment can be noisy
  • service abit slow (maybe due to the serving of buffet - pick up of dirty dishes)
6/F, W Hotel,
1 Austin Road West (Elements)
Tel: 3717 2299

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Homemade Laksa

The last time I cooked at home was about 3 months ago, or was it 4? O well, it has been too long already, didn't have the chance to cook. Maybe I should start cooking again soon, maybe ... maybe. Tonight I decided to stay home to cook some laksa which my friend bought me from Singapore. Laksa from Singapore? Yes, it was those a ready-to-cook meal kit. Don't be fooled by the fact that it was a ready-to-cook meal kit, it was not bad at all. All necessary items were included except for the seafood and noodles. Instructions were simple but I think some steps can be combined to make it even more simplified.

It was more spicy than I expected but it was good. I was sweating while eating but enjoyed it very much ! I finished all the laksa soup to the last drop ! O yes, look at the shrimps! I love shrimps! Never too many for me! My next vacation destination is Singapore and I assure you I will buy more this ready-to-cook meal kit for sure. Cooking is a joy and I do miss cooking.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Berry Bros & Rudd - The Fine Wine School

No meal review for tonight but instead I went for a wine tasting session at Berry Bros & Rudd @ The Lee Gardens. It was an Introduction to Wine course held at their retail location. (As informed, they will be opening a wine school next door or nearby very soon). When my friend and I arrived, we were given a booklet or lecture notes which I was very impressed with. The whole session was being treated as a serious learning experience rather than just wine tasting ('drinking') from start to end.

We were being offered 8 kinds of wines, a variation of white, red and Champagne. In addition to the printed list of wines, each glass was being labeled respectively as well. A minor touch which I found to make a world of differences in terms of professionalism. To my understanding, many wine tasting events in Hong Kong are being offered during lunch or dinner period with food being served at the same time. However, I think if you are starting with wine tasting, it is better to do it without the food until you truly know your wines and how to match those wines with the food you are eating. The 3 hours session was time well spent not just because of the selection of wines but also the quality of the lectures conducted by a wine professional. Thumbs up ! Berry Bros & Rudd also offers other accredited WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) courses in Hong Kong. I wonder if I should take the next level to learn more about wines ... hmmm ...

Berry Bros & Rudd - The Fine Wine School
307-308 3rd Floor
The Lee Gardens
33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2907 2112

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lucy's @ Stanley

This place is not an easy place to find, it is hiding inside an aisle near the main Stanley market. When you come to the door, the color and decor of the front entrance remains you of an Italian / Spanish restaurant situated in the country side. Once you entered, the interior decor carries the same feel. The lighting, the ambiance, the pictures and fixtures provide an added vacation sensation to the whole experience. A note of caution though, when this place is full, it can get quite noisy.

Initially I thought this is an Italian restaurant, but when you look at the menu, there was no pasta dishes at all. It seems this place serve casual gourmet style cuisines from different regions. The chalk board menu for special items was a nice touch. There were a fair selection of items especially for starters. Since there were 5 of us, we ordered quite a few dishes to try.

For Starters: (1) Seared Scallops with Green Pea + Mint Puree, Cauliflower Cream + Crispy Parma Ham, (2) Char-grilled asparagus, soft boiled egg and crispy parma ham salad, (3) House smoked salmon, sweetcorn fritter, lime leaf dressing and avocado salsa. For main dishes: (4) Slow roast pork belly with roast potatoes, braised red cabbage and apple sauce, (5) Char-grilled beef filler with horseradish dauphinoise beetroot with dill, (6) Sea bass with olive oil mash, french bean + pancetta salad and gremolata and (7) Teriyaki salmon fillet with roast pumpkin, soba noodles + wasabi aioli. For desserts, (8) Lemon Meringue pie, (9) Almond Meringue with mascarpone and raspberries and (10) Pavola.

Just from the name of the various dishes, you can see that even for starters, there are many ingredients mixed together. Usually starters are simple and straight forward, but here, they tend to experiment with various items which I like. A very refreshing idea. Soon after we ordered, the bread was served in a dim sum bamboo basket which we all thought was very smart.

(1) Seared Scallops with Green Pea + Mint Puree, Cauliflower Cream + Crispy Parma Ham
For this particular starter, the flavor of the green pea + mint puree and cauliflower cream mix were just enough to let the flavor of the parma ham to blend perfectly together, not too salty and the contrast in texture was rather interesting. The seared scallops were fair but in my opinion, they were just added items that I can do without.

(2) Char-grilled asparagus, soft boiled egg and crispy parma ham salad
The grilled asparagus were abit soaky and not as crispy as I expected. What I found interesting was the addition of a soft boiled egg which blended nicely with the rest of the ingredients.

(3) House smoked salmon, sweetcorn fritter, lime leaf dressing and avocado salsa
The lime leaf dressing turned this starters into a Thai style salad in my opinion. Not a negative comment at all, just very surprised. It was indeed a very refreshing starters.

(4) Slow roast pork belly with roast potatoes, braised red cabbage and apple sauce
Now for the main dish, I ordered this slow roast pork belly because I wanted something different, something I rarely ordered. It turned out to be a disappointing choice. The pork itself was too dried even with the fatter layers on top, it was still too dry to my likely. If the top few layers were abit more crispy it would be better. On a positive note, the red cabbages were a item to go with the pork belly in one bite.

(5) Char-grilled beef fillet with horseradish dauphinoise beetroot with dill, (6) Sea bass with olive oil mash, french bean + pancetta salad and gremolata & (7) Teriyaki salmon fillet with roast pumpkin, soba noodles + wasabi aioli.
I could not really comment of these three dishes because I did not really tried them but can covey what my friends told me about them. For the beef fillet, I was told that it was well grilled but the horseradish dauphinoise was abit too rich. A fair dish. For the sea bass, it was fresh and pretty generous as well. As for the salmon, was told that it was abit greasy (likely fish oil) and the wasabi aioli was rather an interesting and refreshing sauce for the fish. The use of soba in this dish turned it into a fusion dish in my opinion.

(8) Lemon Meringue pie, (9) Almond Meringue with mascarpone and raspberries and (10) Pavola.
One thing in common with all three desserts: very sour. I am more a sweet person than a sour person especially when it comes to desserts. The lemon meringue pie was well prepared but too sour. The same with the almond meringue with raspberries. If you are fans of lemon and raspberries, these two are highly recommended desserts. I picked the Pavola because I had no idea what it was. Turned out to be a dessert made of egg white and the taste and texture was very similar to meringue. Again, it was abit too sour for me with the citrus kiwi and fruity sauce.

  • great ambiance
  • interesting selection of starters
  • adventurous with ingredients
  • too noisy when full house
  • more varieties of main dishes would be nice
G/F, 64 Stanley Main Street,
Stanley, Hong Kong
Tel: 2813 9055

Cafe de Paris @ Stanley

It is very hard to find a place in Hong Kong where you can relax and enjoy the day without close encounters with traffic, buses, air and noise pollutions! I guess one possible areas is Stanley. I went in for brunch in the afternoon before meeting up a few friends for dinner there. It was indeed a hot and humid day but at least the sun was out. Among the many patios and restaurants along the Stanley Main Street, I picked Cafe de Paris because its bright yellow exterior, a sharp contrast with the rest nearby. I am glad I made the right choice.

The interior decor is very clean and simple which I like. It is vastly different than the one located in SOHO. One thing I have to point out in particular is how this place is absorbed by natural sunlight which gave me a very peaceful and comforting feeling. In addition to the sunlight, the view overlooking the Stanley beach front is another reason which I think I made the right selection, at least in terms of the environment. Before moving onto the food part, I have to say that this place has excellent service; the female staff that served me was very attentive, friendly and pleasantly talkative as well.

There were many choices to order because you can order items from the Pickled Pelican located downstairs. They belong to the same group apparently and share the kitchen to a degree. However, it would be weird to have fish and chips at a French restaurant right? I hope they only allow this during lunch / afternoon hours.

(1) Beef and Mushroom Pie
Although it is weird to order American style food at this place, I did anyhow because I wanted fries for some reasons. Among the selection of pies, the friendly staff recommended this one to me. The fries were good, very crispy. The pie itself was not as good as I expected. The puff pastry top was not as puffy as I hoped and the beef inside was more like soup then stew. The beef briskets were fair, but they were too chunky for a soup and too chewy for a stew.

On a positive note though, considering the environment and service, this is indeed a nice place to chill and relax on a Statuary / Sunday afternoon if you want to get away from crowds and noise.

  • Excellent Service !
  • Great view and environment (during the afternoon that is)
  • Love the natural sun light
  • Pie wasn't really a pie

Cafe de Paris (Stanley Location)
2/F, 90 Stanley Main Street
Stanley, Hong Kong
Tel: 2813-4822

Friday, June 19, 2009

Su Casa Chilean Oyster Bar

I know I have been talking about oysters very frequently because I love oysters and tonight I can finally do a review on one of my favorite oyster places in Hong Kong: Su Casa Chilean Oyster Bar. The restaurant itself is not huge in size but it has a cozy environment with a contemporary decor. Please take note that during peak hours, it can get abit noisy but, hey, this is not a hotel establishment, it is a boutique style restaurant which can provide you a great down-to-earth dining experience, at least that's how I feel.

Tonight I went for dinner at Su Casa with two oyster-loving friends to take advantage of their occasional 2-for-1 oysters special. We started with a (1) Oyster Selections - approx. 24 oysters in total, (2) Risotto w/ Scallop in Squid Ink Sauce, (3) Linguine w/ Duck liver & wild Mushroom & (4) Warm Chocolate Pudding.

(1) Oyster Selections
The following were the oysters we ordered with Sea Whelk: South Africa Langebaan, South Africa Rocks, Scottish Gigas, French Fine de Special & Australia Tasmania. [in the order of flavor strength] A total of 24 delicious oysters were eaten, leaving behind smiles on our faces. I have to be honest though, it is really hard to review oysters because it really depends what tickle your taste buds. In my opinion, the key factors are: freshness, flavor in terms of salty or not, texture wise creamy or not and the richness (or sweetness) of the oyster flavor. I personally prefer lightly flavored oysters which are creamy. For the oysters we ordered, most of them were to our liking except for the Australia Tasmania which were creamy but extremely salty as informed by staff (Monica) while ordering. Although it was salty, I have to say that if you try to eat /chew this oyster slowly in your mouth, you would find the taste / flavor to vary abit. It was an interesting oysters to try but it was too salty for my taste bud. Those who prefer their oysters more salty / "sea water taste," do give this a try.

(2) Risotto w/ Scallop in Squid Ink Sauce
This was the first time I try their risotto and it was surprising well prepared. Texture wise it was not as sticky / creamy compared with those from La Taverna, but still very good. Somehow I always consider squid ink (and its resulting dishes) to be tasteless but the way they prepared it added some flavors to the dish. Perhaps the addition wild mushrooms elevated the flavor of the whole dish. O o o o almost forgot about the scallops which were huge and tender, very fresh indeed. I would be pretty happy with the dish without the scallops actually. A thumbs up dish overall!

(3) Linguine w/ Duck liver & wild Mushroom
One of my favourite dishes at this place. Al dente linguine with good quality duck liver was diced up along with wild mushrooms. It tickled my taste bud for sure. However, the dish tonight was abit too rich maybe due to the very fatty duck liver used. In any case, it was a very filling dish indeed. I think the use of linguine for this dish was a smart choice because of the variations of textures among the ingredients such as the semi-chewy mushrooms and the soft duck liver. Also, I think more wild mushroom would better balance the flavors of this dish.

(4) Warm Chocolate Pudding (Molten Chocolate Cake)
I think there is room for improvement for this dessert. Although there was molten chocolate sauce coming out of the cake / pudding once you cut it open, the layer for the cake was too thick. Too much chewing was required. Flavor wise the chocolate sauce was not too rich or sweet which was good.

  • Fair selection of oysters
  • Good / friendly service
  • Well prepared pasta dish (linguine)
  • Cozy environment
  • Lighting too dim
  • Music a bit too loud
  • Abit noisy during peak hours (as expected)

Su Casa Chilean Oyster Bar
2/F, No.2 Sun Wui Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 2805 7031

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shung Hing Chiu Chow Restaurant 尚興潮州飯店

It has been a number of years since I have been to this restaurant. It was quite a random decision to come to this place tonight, to have something different, something more interesting than the usual western or Chinese cuisines near the Central or Soho area. Before arriving, I already have the following in mind in terms of expectation or what this place lacks of: (1) service, (2) clean environment & (3) comfortable seating. Then again, when I come to here for dinner, I would expect great food quality (or so I assumed).

I am sure many of you have heard of this chiu chow restaurant and it is rather famous for its so-called authentic chiu chow cuisine. My friend and I arrived around 730pm and got a table near the entrance on the ground floor. I was right, this place certainly lacks a clean environment and comfortable seating area; but then again, I expected because I was there for some good food, especially some traditional dishes! We ordered the following: (1) 蠔餅, (2) 鵝片鵝血, (3) 椒鹽白飯魚, (4) 蘿蔔牛腩, (5) 糖醋麵 & (6) 清心綠豆爽

(1) 蠔餅
(mini oyster pancake?)
They were very generous with two things for this dish: 1 - is the mini oysters & 2 - OIL ! YES, excessive OIL. I do understand that to cook this dish requires a lot of oil but not to the point of soaked ingredients in it ! I did not dip any pieces into the fish sauce because I did not want the sauce to overtake the taste of other ingredients, but I should have dipped into the sauce because it might be able to take over the oily / greasy taste it gave me.

(2) 鵝片鵝血

It was my first time trying the 鵝血 and it has an interesting texture which I liked. The 鵝血 itself was rather tasteless, it was more about the texture. Along with the sauce, it was a fair item considering this is the first time I tried this. The 鵝片 was nice, the meat was tender enough for me to give it a thumbs up.

(3) 椒鹽白飯魚
This dish was fair indeed. Maybe abit less batter would be better but it was not bad at all. It was a very generous dish and the spices used were not excessive to a point that made me very thirsty. It was lucky that we did not order 白飯魚炒蛋 because I am pretty sure that it will be as oily or as greasy as the 蠔餅. Maybe their deep-fried items are fairly good, maybe.

(4) 蘿蔔牛腩
A very disappointment dish indeed. The sauce / soup are too creamy, thick and salty. Beef briskets were TOO chewy and beef tendons were not soft enough. The best item in this dish was the 蘿蔔 (white radish). We were both fans of beef briskets but we could not even finish the dish. Maybe this was not a common dish people would normally order during dinner but we were hoping for something better. Very disappointed.

(5) 糖醋麵
We were looking forward to this dish from the beginning but came out to be another disappointment. It was too greasy even the sugar and vinegar sauce that come with the dish did not help much. The noodle itself was alright, very crispy but it was pan-fried on one side only. I thought 糖醋麵 is supposed to be fried on both side or maybe we should have ordered the 雙面黃 instead? I thought they are basically the same thing.

(6) 清心綠豆爽
My friend is not a fan of sweets while I considered myself to be one. However, for this free dessert, for some reasons, the color seemed so wrong and artificial. 清心綠豆爽 is actually one of my favorite Chinese desserts but the one being served here was not that tempting at all. Tried a few spoons of it and it was very watery. It was only 8pm and the dessert was already that watery? I wonder how it will taste later on the night. Hummm ....

  • Good fried items
  • Good 鵝片鵝血
  • Service (as expected)
  • Environment (expected)
  • TOO many greasy / oily dishes
  • Watery dessert (too artificial in color)

Shung Hing Chiu Chow Restaurant
G/F, 29 Queen's Road West,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 2854-4557

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