Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kraze Burgers

Kraze Burgers

Don't expect great privacy because Kraze Burgers is situated in the middle of the level and basically without any walls or windows, just like an open area. Well, no that there is anything wrong with it, quite the contrary actually because I liked the environment, the casual atmosphere which us perfect for a burger joint in my opinion.

Kraze Burgers

 I wasn't expecting much from this tiny bun provided as part of the set but I was delightfully surprised not by the bun but the fluffy butter. It wasn't just simple butter, it contained diced garlic and hints of Tabasco flavor! Yum!

Wonderful Fluffy Butter

Look! My Chili Fries were coming right up! It was alright, no complaints but I would hope they can give it a stronger flavors including spiciness.  

Chili Fries

No WOW factor for the K. G Burger, beef was alright and toppings were fresh but the only highlight was the sauce which carried an Asian / Korean flavors to the whole experience.

KG Burger > pre-cut in half

I mentioned many times that I like to enjoy my burgers with my hand and I still do; however, burger stacking up to this height just made things very difficult! It looked great but not very hand-friendly to be honest. I guess that was the reason they cut the burger in half for you in advance? I still used my hands and was licking my fingers clean!

KG Burger - very clean cut

  • K. G Burger - The sauce was good
  • The fluffy butter - carried strong flavor of garlic and hints of Tabasco sauce.
  • Relative Light Flavors for the Chili Fries
  • Looked nice but simply too difficult to eat my hand
Kraze Burgers
Shop 605, 6/F, iSquare,
63 Nathan Road, TST
Tel: 2898 8804

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Unknown said...

I know u re a big fan of fluffy butter :D heheheh

jisampedro said...

I also enjoy getting my hands into the burger itself, but the shape is important too. Did you see anyone eating burger with fork and knife? is totally different taste

fernando said...

First off, great pictures! I love seeing the way your photography has improved on the blog. Well done!

Those fries look depressing though. How uninspired are the raw and, I assume undressed white onion looks on top. Nasty. Oh and what is with places in Hong Kong that fear melting the cheese. Hit it with some heat please!

As for the burger - yes, eat with the hands please. Cutting a burger helps no one and makes it harder to eat. Of course, putting the meat straight on the bread then piling the lettuce high on top of a fat slice of tomato doesn't help either.

Jason said...

@Rita, @fernando & @jisampedro: it just feels wrong to eat burgers any other way but with our hands, it is the experience that matters the most in my opinion.

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