Sunday, June 30, 2013


me and my many emotions?  haha

This post is indeed a long overdue post. Legoland Malaysia opened its door around November 2012 and since then many flocked there expected it to be a theme park comparable with that from Denmark.or Windsor UK. It is all about managed expectation in my opinion. Similar to Hong Kong Disneyland, we only hear complaints about how small it is compared with other Disneyland around the world but to be honest, I think we shouldn't really compared to that extend and give the benefit of the doubt. Yes the park is quite small I have to admit but given the open space and fierce heat, one actually wants to complete the visit sooner than later perhaps haha. In any case, I actually enjoyed my visit to Legoland Malaysia perhaps because I am a huge fan of Lego!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Clarisonic Plus Body Extension

The Clarisonic Plus is not just designed for face but your body as well. As shown in my first post on Clarisonic Plus, the device comes with a body brush as well. The body brush is slightly larger in side and by default the cleansing cycle once you plugged the brush into the device would be 3 minutes. Too short for your whole body? Just click again to give it another go if you ask me for more of the sonic movement cleansing in your shower!  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Clarisonic Plus - A Promising Two Weeks Affair

After using the Clarisonic Plus for about 2 weeks, I have to admit I am fairly impressed with the results, so far at least. As mentioned, my main concerns have been excess facial oil during the summer humid days and the built up of dirt / dust particles resulting in unwanted pimples. Daily facial cleansing has been part of my grooming routines but needless to say I wanted to try something different perhaps. Clarisonice has been on the market for quite some time but I just didn’t have the chance try it until now given the opportunities. During the course of the past 2 weeks trial (or affair), I used one of my favourite bliss’ fabulous foaming face wash together with the Clarisonic Plus and they worked well as a combination for me and my gentle skin. Of course you can use your own cleansing products but make sure it foams in order to get the best results. For some reasons I found it quite fun perhaps because I am a guy and I like to play with all sort of gadgets for fun or in this case for my personal grommig. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Intimate Moments with Clarisonic Plus

Who said guys do not care about personal grooming!?! If you ask me, all guys do just the fact that not many are willing to admit so. I am here to admit that I am more than just a fan of personal grooming, I am quite anal about it as well. Believe it of now, I have 2 shelves full of various hair, skin and facial / body cleansing products for different occasions and weather. I am currently hooked onto "bliss" line of product including their "blood orange+white pepper soapy suds," "blood orange+white pepper body butter" and  "blood orange+white pepper hand cream." I am also trying out Korres Natural Products and their line of shower products as well. Never heard of it? It's from Greece and I bought it from ASOS. Yes, I am that serious about my grooming products and continuously trying out new brands for the sake of better skins.

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