Sunday, May 23, 2010

Toronto - May 2010 - Day 2 (Wedding Day, not mine of course!)

What happened to Day 2 you ask? Well, it was the wedding day for my friends V & E and it took me a while to sort out all the pictures! The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding! It was held at the Hart House at the University of Toronto. There are quite history behind the Hart House but the stone structure and timbered ceiling have captured my heart already. The main dining hall for the banquet reminded me of Harry Potter the movie. It looked very much like the great hall indeed!

The theme was rather interesting with each table numbered by a bookmark held by one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's great works. The head table used The Great Gatsby.

My table used The Great Gatsby as well but of a different cover.

It was a smart thing to wear the purple tie because that must be the theme color as well!

Out in the courtyard, the jazz trio was busy entertaining the guests with some great tunes ...

... while the setup for the ceremony was underway.

I am really happy for the both of them and their smiles touched my heart as well. Enough with the touching episodes because I am about to cry, I will now skip to the part where I start to eat!!!! Shortly after the ceremony, the reception was held at the courtyard with various hors d'œuvres. Among the selection, the following were my favorites! (Oh ... the wait staff were friendly, polite and many were very pretty!)

I tried to control myself not to overeat prior to dinner but it was yet another failure in the name of good food! sigh ... We have already picked our main course selection via the invitation reply so the menu provided was for reference.

The roasted butternut squash soup with truffle and sage creme fraiche was unexciting, rather watery.

Next came the Black Ravioli filled with pumpkin (set in cream sauce and topped with preserved lemon & piave cheese) which was so hard! A very fancy and pretty name but still very hard!!! The dough was tough and hard, it can do some damage if thrown as a weapon! (Note to self: Jason, remember, it was just catering, relax ... breath in breath out ... )

I ordered seafood as my main and it consisted of Miso Glazed Sable Fish with Grilled Lobster. First taste of the lobster gave my taste buds an immediate stimulation, it was the taste of very frozen lobster!!! The Fish on the other hand was worth praising in terms of texture and flavors.

The banana crepe was rather too sweet even for me but perhaps perfect for others. 

I didn't finish my overly sweet banana crepe because there were many other options of sweets waiting outside, for example, the wedding cake cut by yet another lovely, friendly and polite waitress! 

Oh almost forgot to mention that popcorn was an option as well with take away bags! 

It has been a long yet memorable night especially after the masquerade ball later into the night. Time to jump into the hotel's heavenly bed ... zzzzzz .... 

Day 2 >> Wedding Day (not mine of course)

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