Saturday, May 28, 2011

Travel - Guam (Part 1/5)


Guam is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the western Pacific Ocean accordingly to wiki. It has a population of around 180K, about 40K are US troops and approximately 30K Japanese are living here based on my little research. I started with such facts because I do find it quite interesting to see such large population of Japanese living here in Guam. With a monthly average 28K - 30K Japanese tourists visiting Guam, I guess that explains why. The chance is you will see a lot of Japanese tourists at any given moment, Japanese signs are everywhere even in Kmart, public transportation, menus, billboards, fire exit signs and most staff at tourist destinations (both local and perhaps Japanese-Americans) speak fluent Japanese. Come to think of it, NTT DoCoMo Pacific has a branch here in Guam! (beyond excellent mobile 3G reception and great pre-paid mobile data plan by the way) In terms of population density, I am quite certain Guam has more Japanese restaurants than in Hong Kong! Most tourists leaflets are default in Japanese!! I certainly did not expect such a scene prior to my arrival but after just a few days, I started to have the feeling that I am actually in a small city in Japan rather than in Guam, USA! Just in case you are wondering, a lot of the businesses here are also run by Japanese businessmen.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Salt and Peper anyone? (Guam)

Salt and Pepper
Yes, it is quite a random post I have to admit but it is a rather significant post, a post of great importance in my opinion. I have been writing a lot of posts on restaurant reviews but in additions to that I do have many rants piled up to be released regarding food and how we treat, value and respect food we often take for granted. I have been doing quite a bit travel over the past 12 months and most involve taking the plane. While I have a lot to say about plane food, both good and bad of course, that would be for another dedicated post. But just to show you the following iPhone picture I took on my way to Guam simply because I want to express the attached comment and what I learned from the meal.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whitehead Club - BBQ (Hong Kong)


A much overdue post on my first BBQ of 2011. Of course we are talking about HK style BBQ! It took place back in April on a very relaxed afternoon along the coast somewhere in Hong Kong. It is quite rare to find such a place in HK nowadays where a group of us can sit next to the coast, welcoming the cool breeze from the sea while getting the necessary warmth from the BBQ fire. It is hard not to admit that many in Hong Kong are quite spoiled in a sense, here at Whitehead Club, you only need to arrive with your wallet and the rest are being taken care off. There is no need to start the fire, no need to bring food or drinks because they have all that you need, just name it. (well almost everything.) To be honest, while convenient  such convenience makes the whole experience a bit boring, took out the so-called fun part when it comes to HK style BBQ. Therefore, to make things more interesting, we ordered an entire pig for roasting!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Foodie Magazine - May 2011


“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” This quote by French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau is one of the key inspirations behind My Favorite Sweet Escape entry for May 2011's issue of Foodie Magazine. Many people spend majority of the day (and night) working hard in their cubicles, often over 10 hours or more. Somehow many consider this long working hours as the norm in Hong Kong but is this the case for improved productivity? A regular break from work would help you recharge and reset, a regular break with sweets would be even a better choice. Exactly how? Check it out <here> and enjoy your sweet break! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Travel - Macau (Mar 2011)


Macau also known as Macao to many, has become more than just a post Portuguese colony since its handover to China in 1999. It is now known as the Asia's Las Vegas with gambling revenue surpassing the whole Vegas according to many sources. New mega casinos are being built if not already for the next few years and revenue + profits are only expected to increase. I have been to Macau quite a few times over the past year or so but mostly for day trip and solely for food or shows and never really for gambling. Small bets are fun but in Macau, there is no such thing as small bets apparently. Over the years, I have been seeing the minimum bets on a simple Black Jack table increase faster than your heart can handle.  Then again I am not into gambling so not really a concern to me but it is an interesting observation nonetheless. What I am trying to say is not how much the casino industry is booming, everyone knows, but what we have been ignoring is how the huge flood of tourists and development focus have made us forget about the great food scenes in Macau, at least what's left of it. Not to mention how the popularity of some famous eateries have benefited commercially but deteriorated in quality over the years. I was here in Macau over the weekend sometime in March 2011 for my friend's wedding and instead of the popular or upscale eateries (which are over-abundance by the way), I went for some rather down to earth neighborhood joints for my daily food intake.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Overweight Tale

No Running this time?

Recently I wrote a bilingual piece (Chinese + English) on a topic somewhat related to food on my personal blog. It was my first blog entry that contains Chinese and many are telling me that I should do more bilingual posts in the future on this food blog. Honestly, I do plan to do so but please give me some time because doing a Chinese-only post is one thing, doing a translated post from Chinese to English or vice-versa is easier said than done to me. In any case, posted below is the piece from my personal blog, enjoy! :)

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