Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Toronto - May 2010 - Day 3 (A Sunny Sunday Walk)


A few years ago I left Toronto for many reasons, one being that I found the life style a bit boring at times. A few years have passed now and only after a few days I started to question why I left because I quite enjoyed the the weather, atmosphere, friendly smiles and leisure activities as simple as a Sunday walk in a park. What happened? I am not too certain what happened but I think it is a different perspective into the understanding of work-life balance perhaps.

Blue Sku

After the brunch at Park Hyatt Hotel, I went back uptown to Main St. (Unionville) which is famed for its historical look. I remembered coming here once in a while for a leisure walk but I hated it because I found it quite boring back then. This time around, I wanted to stay longer, I wanted the sun to stay up in the sky longer, I wanted to take more pictures and I wanted to come where more often.

Trading Post?
Hi there!

Families come here on a Sunday for a leisure walk with great smiles on their faces. Kids lining up for ice cream while their beloved dogs happily sat beside them.

Hello There?

Perhaps it was a perfect day to learn how to ride a bike or maybe ...


... perfect for a motorbike meetup?


Humm ... this biker surely want some ice cream!

Am I really too cool for ice cream?

As for myself, I got myself some Devil's Chocolate Ice Cream!

Devil's Chocolate

Ice cream was just the start, my mom and I ended up having a few drinks at the nearby bistro.

Afternoon drink

Spending the afternoon under the sun wasn't a tough thing to achieve even in Hong Kong, but able to breath in fresh air, surrounded with smiles without the sense of rush were not something easily achieved in the so-called Asia's World City. (on a side note: why are dogs or pets not allowed in many of the parks in Hong Kong??? Up to this day I am still confused for the reasons behind it)

After a short stay at Main St., we had for an early dinner because I needed to sleep soon, was jet lagging! I picked one of my favorite Japanese joints uptown run by a Japanese family. No fancy decoration or fancy table wares at Miyabi, just a normal Japanese resto with chef and wait staff dedicated and committed to ensure their guest's dining experience would be a pleasant one.

Chef at Work

Sushi and Sake, a wonderful combination indeed!

Sushi Platter

And the sake would help me sleep under jet lagging condition as well!

My Mom's Favorite

I will let the following pictures speak for themselves, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words right?

a must order!

By the way, the colourful bowl full of lightly fried items was the Agedashi tofu. :)

Perfect with Beer / Sake
I want the whole thing!

Miyabi Japanese on Urbanspoon

It has been a really long day and it was time for me to sleep. The sake helped a bit but the jet lag was the last a few more days. :(

Day 3 (Afternoon) >> A Sunny Sunday Walk

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Unknown said...

What a lovely place! When can I visit...hmm, but pollution, humidity and all...I still love Hong Kong heheheh~ I agree with u tho, I wish they allow dogs/pets in parks

cheeky angel said...

Looks like a wonderful place. Maybe the no dogs in the park rule is because there were far too many inconsiderate dog owners in the past? Also don't forget this is also the place where you can't sit on the grass, run, ride a bike or play in the park and where most parks contain more concrete than greenery. *Sigh*

Lisa said...

RED LOBSTER AND TACO BELL!! I know, it's chained, but I LOOOOVE RED LOBSTER and all that flavouring they have in taco bell (Although makes you hella thirsty). You lucky ducky.. got to go back.. still on for lunch tomorrow?

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, who eats at Red Lobster except overweight people craving even more processed sauced crap??? The jap resto looks better

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