Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Li, Life Inspired Channel: Quest for Stars (Episode 1 of 2)

Ready to check out my extra 15 lbs on camera I mentioned before? Attached below are the official clips from Episode 1 of Quest for Stars aired on Li, Life Inspired TV Channel on 20 March 2011. Also remember to catch Episode 2 on Sunday 27 March 2011 on NOW TV Channel 516 for more of my "round" yet shaped face! [will post once available] (Thanks again to Diary of a Growing Boy for the links and remember to catch him on both Episode 1 & 2 as well!)

Quest for Stars - Episode 1 - Part 1/3

Quest for Stars - Episode 1 - Part 2/3

Quest for Stars - Episode 1 - Part 3/3


Lisa said...

Jason!!! Nah, what 15 pounds? Don't people say that cameras actually put that weight on you and it's not real? Fab job - glad to see your passion and dedication to food is taking you places! We should meet for lunch when you're free....

Jason said...

@Lisa: Thanks!!! we should catch up for sure!

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