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Liberty Private Works

Liberty Private Works

Like to take this opportunity to say thanks to D who organized this wonderful dinner gathering so I can meet many new foodie friends whom I wanted to for a long while. It was my pleasure to meet them all! There were quite a number of buzz on this place over the last few months and I finally got the chance to try. The entire venue was pretty cozy, can only fit about 10 people along the bar top table around the kitchen.

Our menu for the night was written on the blackboard.

Liberty Private Works

It is quite an experience to dine on a bar top table ...

Liberty Private Works

... while watching the chefs prepare out meal.

Liberty Private Works

According to chef, the Amuse Bouche was inspired by corn dog. Ah .. it has been a while I had a corn dog and it was a nice variation of it here.  The sauce carried a hints of spiciness which was rather appetizing.

Liberty Private Works

Next came the Seafood starters with Mulloway, Salmon and Hamachi. A rather interesting mix of fresh ingredients. Loved the presentation but honestly, it was rather unexciting.

Liberty Private Works
Liberty Private Works

Next came the Foie Gras with Cabbage, Apple, Ginger and Caramel. Rich and deep flavors from the foie gras with pretty strong hints of apple and ginger but not much of caramel. I think the caramel was part of the sauce but it was rather light indeed.

Liberty Private Works

The Pork that came after was a thumbs up! Apparently it was imported from Holland / Netherlands. Have you ever tried pork from there? I haven't but I am glad I now know it was quality pork indeed! Soft, meaty, tender and juicy as well!

Liberty Private Works

It was cooked just right, a little pink in the inside and I really don't mind having another piece!

Liberty Private Works

The Beef with shortrib ravioli was rather disappointing especially after the pork experience. Ravioli was hard as a plastic Frisbee while the beef (sirloin I think) was just alright. Spinach below the ravioli was just too salty.

Liberty Private Works

Before dessert was served, we were given a sorbet like item with Grapefruit and Shiso 紫蘇 flavors. It was refreshing but I think the grapefruit overwhelmed the shiso flavors.

Liberty Private Works

To end the meal we had the Chocolate (Mousse) and Berries Citrus.

Liberty Private Works


  • Pork - soft, tender and juicy! 
  • the Amuse Bouche which was the corn dog inspired. 
  • Cozy atmosphere for a cozy fine dining experience 
  • Very out-going and friendly chefs. 


  • Beef with shortrib ravioli - Ravioli hard as a Frisbee 
  • Foie Gras with Cabbage, Apple, Ginger and Caramel - the rich flavor of the foie gras overtook the flavors of the sauces 
Avg Spending: Above HKD 500 per person

Liberty Private Works
3/F, 12 Wellington Street,
Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Tel: 5186 3282

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Mok said...

i'm always baffled at why restaurant owners are not enforcing kitchen workers to wear hairnets, caps, etc...

HK Epicurus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HK Epicurus said...

I like trying out creative food from young chefs like those from here.

Do you think the pricing is fair or its been set a bit on the optimistic side? Coz someone has invited me for a dinner here and I'm still contemplating over it (fully knowing that Chef Makoto won't be there anymore!). Anyway I'm thinking if there are alternatives with a good open kitchen! Any suggestions Jason?

Greentea00 said...

cool...i always wana discover more private kitchen in hk ...will try sometime soon ..thanks jason!

Jason said...

@Mok: Good Point! I guess they dun want to mess up their hair? lol ... actually, in quite a few a number of restos, the "chefs" usually are like that while the cooks would be fully geared from my personal observation

@Hong Kong & Macau Fine Foods: I do think you should give it a try! Make sure they have the pork though!

@Greentea00: I am in a quest to search for more similar establishments as well, various cuisines as well!

Eat Love Write said...

Hey Jason!

Hahaha seems like the pork was the favorite with everyone that night! I actually really liked the fish course though too. Mmmm...ceviche....

@Hong Kong & Macau Fine Foods: sorry couldn't help but notice your post. But where did you hear that chef Makoto won't be at LPW anymore? That info's wrong! He'll still be at LPW!!

HK Epicurus said...

Dear D,

Not sure where I read it a few weeks back, but I read that Chef Makoto will be kind of splitting with LPW's private kitchen but moving forward to running his own Exchange Square Liberty Private 'something', with a New York themed deli thingy but no longer running the private kitchen part of the operation? :O (I should have clarified that the new business is still running under the Liberty Private label though!)

Anyway if you could find out about it please let me know. :D

TasteHongKong said...

Excuse me, am hesitate about their bar top table. I love seeing faces of my friends and seating for easy chats. Or, they have got a better way to get around this : )?

Jason said...

@TasteHongKong: very good point indeed re the bar top table! That was why the 7 of us picked the corner area of the bar top table to minimize the distance among us and to maximize our interactions. :)

Eat Love Write said...

Hey Hong Kong and Macau Fine Food:

Yepp yepp, they are opening a brand new place - Liberty Exchange at Exchange Square later this month (super exciting!!!) BUTTTT... they will also be keeping Liberty Private Works going and Makoto will still be spearheading LPW... as well as Liberty Exchange. It's the same business but Liberty Private Works and Liberty Exchange will be two completely different concepts. Do tell me if you want to know more :)

HK Epicurus said...

Thanks so much for clarifying, D & Eat Love Write : )

That's nearly identical to what I read from some magazine except the part on whether Chef Makoto only concentrates on the new Liberty Exchange business, (as mentioned in article and his name was mentioned specifically!) or still manages to find time to look after both venues. The latter certainly makes more sense thought, since they're both part of the overall Group anyway! I guess he'll just need to work extra hard and split his resources, make more money, etc! :P

Looking forward to trying out both places - one for lunch, one as dinner venue! Saw some photos of your meal there on your blog just then too - very useful! If any more news about them, please let us know here. :D


Eat Love Write said...

Hey Hong Kong & Macau Fine foods:

Hahaha...actually, D and Eat Love Write are the same person (I just recently updated my name to match my blogger name).

But anyways, Makoto will be focusing more on Liberty Private Works. He will be overlooking Liberty Exchange as well but the main chef will be someone else and Makoto will be in charge mostly of TRAINING the team rather than being hands-on there (though, of course, he will also be based there some night of the evening). The new chef at LEX is extremely talented (he used to work at Bo Innovation) so, rest assured, LEX will be in good hands.

HK Epicurus said...

Thanks, that sounds reassuring indeed :) (Seems I'm not the only one with dual identities!)

Young chefs with great training make for a good food story, presumably they will continually improve rather than remain complacent and stagnant. They carry the drive and passion, the knowledge, and they have the resources to be able to resort to using techniques both old and new to make better food in the end. Obviously everything needs time to iron out the kinks and also some dishes or even a simple salad might work, some mightn't, but it'll be their approach and concept which I buy into.

I hold high expectations indeed!

Tom said...

ahaha - been googling this place after someone recommended it to me and of course you have already been :)

Glad to see a review of it. Looks worth trying but my excitement is slightly tempered...

Jason said...

@Tom: Worth a try indeed! You might as well head down one floor to Riquiqui Dessert Bar after your meal here! :)

Anonymous said...

Just learnt today that LPW has been closed for months... do u know where they have moved,or they were just closed?

beccles suffolk said...

That's quite an experience dining on the bar table. Their selection of dishes are tasty as well.

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