Saturday, May 8, 2010


Am I going to sleep tonight??
I consume coffee on a daily basis, often more than one cup a day. I enjoy drinking coffee and I feel a peace of mind when sipping my espresso or cappuccino alone or with a few friends. Does the caffeine actually work on me? I am not too certain about that, at least no longer, but it somehow becomes a habit for me or perhaps I needed the peaceful moment every few hours. How about you? 


fernando said...

I drink coffee everyday, never at home, or at work, but always in a cafe. I don't drink from a paper cup and I always find good places in every city I've lived. For me, it is a ritual and connected to conversation, but more often to reading and higher order thinking (planning, strategising, dreaming etc). In a buy live I think it's important to lift your head and re-orient yourself to what matters once or twice a day.

Jason said...

@fernando: It is indeed that crucial few minutes that I would sit back, observe and reset my thoughts so I can continue to drive forward.

Anonymous said...

I also drink coffee everyday, the caffeine definitely does not work on me because I was "brought up" by strong Chinese tea during childhood! Without the coffee, the day seems not complete....But there are not many good coffee shops in HK (and also varieties, dominated by chain stores) as compared to Japan, Korea, or even Singapore where you could find nice and cozy coffee shops to kill an afternoon.

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