Friday, December 10, 2010

The Gingery - Winter Collection 2010


The title of this post hides no secret, it literally means Winter Collection for my freshly baked Gingerbread Men / Ladies! It may seems odd that I am doing such a thing but let me explain how I got inspired to work on this late night project. Inspiration: (1) Hong Kong Fashion Geek's coverage on their recent H&M x Lanvin craze, (2) my recent desire to crate stuff and (3) my recent Gingerbread Man Jamming session at Christmas Fair Tiffany (and my semi-shirtless gingerbread man). Actually there was a 4th inspiration which was from V who kindly gave me some of her first batch of gingerbread men this year (see attached pictures at the end of this post, their cuteness inspired me to do the same and bake some of my own gingerbread men! Thanks V). During the recent H&M x Lanvin 1-day sale, I saw many people lining up outside the store 4am the morning before with blankets and folding chairs looking at the display window that hosted the collection which they were so anxiously waiting to buy. Was is worth the wait? I cannot be the right person to judge unless we are talking about queue and food. It would be weird for me to line up just for the sake of experiencing the hype and part with nothing, so I decided to create my own collection, one that I design, one that I require no queuing to experience and one that I can EAT! ... The Gingery by Jason - Winter Collection 2010 is official launched!

I did not capture the every step of the gingerbread baking process but recipes and similar instructions are all over web which you can consult if required. Someone suggested that I should buy those pre-made Gingerbread Man and just decorate them, but I believe making the dough and baking them would make the whole experience more worth while. Roll the dough to about 1/4 inches thick and cut the desired shapes out with your own cookie molds.


Say hi to the boys and girls waiting to be baked!!!


The first batch was rather ... tanned!?


Not a problem, Winter Collection can have bikini and swim wear as well because there can be the occasional pampering hot spring / hot tub events right?


Or an indoor pool party???


Why didn't I put a face on the gingerbread man? Well, I tried and it came out weird, looking rather sad!!! :(


The above was the the main items for the fashion show, the star would be the Pink one shoulder dress of this Winter Collection!


... followed by this Yellow pearl dress ...


... then the Red tube top dress ...


... and finally the rather conservation yet elegant Pink dress.


All together you get the set of evening creation from The Gingery by Jason - Winter Collection 2010! who needs to line up when you can create your own fashion at home and feed your stomach full as well! HAHA


Now how should I make use of the rest of the plain Gingerbread Men / Ladies? Spring / Fall Collection 2011 perhaps?


Oh how can I not mention my 4th inspiration in doing this project, say hello to V's gingerbread men and how naughty they were in hiding behind the lovely Christmas tree!


Unknown said...

hey nice blue speedos! :D

Anonymous said...

hahahah i LIKE! i want the red dress ginger woman :)

Miss Fong said...

Looking forward to the real life fashion show! (don't you wish gingerbread people really could come to life? :)

Jin said...

hahaha! this is too cute, jason! i love the swimwear collection! :)

Jason said...

@Rita: And not the Bikini?

@Gastronomous: The tube dress with pearls? good taste! haha ... no pun intended!

@Miss Fong: yes! I think we have been watching too much of Shrek? haha

@Jin: OMG, it is really you! Where have you been?? Miss you much! :)

cutieviv said...

LOVE it! Your collection is definitely better than H&M x Lanvin! The pink dress with pearls is my fav!

I read the piece by Hong Kong Fashion Geek and couldn't believe the craze in HK! It's just as crazy in Toronto - the clothes were all gone by 10am.

Edena said...

Very cute! And trendy festive. Great cruise collection.

Unknown said...

I know no one is admitting it but we're all secretly heading yourself now to queue for The Gingery Collection - its ok we'll be prepared to wait until you wake up tomorrow! (Can I take a bite of these tomo ? :p)

Rachelle said...

Too cute haha...I'm wanting the winter collection!!

Chien said...

Hi, long time silent reader here. Gosh ... need to tell you I heart this post it ... absolutely entertaining, clever, witty and creative!!! Kudos!

Jason said...

@cutieviv: wow! I heard in HK they were all gone by noon! At least the one I visited haha ... I am most amazed at how they slotted sessions, 10 minutes sessions for each batch of shoppers ..

@Edena: I think they summer editions need more!

@HK Epicurus: you want to take a bite of which one sin? haha

Jason said...

@Rachelle: The least I can do for this festive season! Any suggestion for my Spring / Summer edition? haha

@Chien: Thanks for dropping me the comments and thanks for the kind words! :) XMAS is a time for a some fun and creativity! :)

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