Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cafe Iguana @ Elements (Revisited II)

Because of Jin's comment on finger food, I have been thinking about it for the whole week! When talking about finger food, the first thing that came me was Mexican Nacho with plenty of cheese! O yes, and also honey garlic chicken wings! My serious craving for Mexican food led me back to Cafe Iguana for the Nth time. With a slight breeze in the air, it was indeed a nice place to enjoy a relaxing lunch under the sun on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I was not a big fan of the sun a few years but as time passes, I find myself more and more fond of it, wishing to spend time under the naked sun, to be embraced by the gentle touch of its warmth. How I come about having such big change towards sunshine is beyond me!

I was surprised to find that offered lunch sets on a Saturday. It was a pleasant surprise and the items being offered seem interesting enough to give them a try. While waiting for the orders, I ordered a Mexican beer named Carta Blanca, recommended by the staff. It was very smooth as informed but the taste / flavor was rather light to my liking. Was it too early to have beer? Not at all; but it would be too early if I am to have Chili Infused Tequila!

(1) Salad (Grilled Pear, cherry tomato, musclun with honey mustard vinaigrette and toasted peanut)
The use of ingredients was interesting enough and it was indeed very refreshing as I expected it because of the use of pear / fruit. It wasn't the taste or flavors of the salad that "shine," it was the combination of contrasting textures that I enjoyed the most. The softness of the pear against the crispiness of the toasted peanuts made a good combination indeed.

(2) Sea Bass Taco in Achiote, oregano and garlic spicy mango salsa
The vibrant colors captured my undivided attention. It certainly reminded me of a happy spring / summer time. The skin of the sea bass was thin and crisp (lightly seasoned), together with the tender fish meat and soft taco wrap, it was very nice indeed. Only traces of sauce can be found which helped the true taste of the sea bass to be tasted on every bite. Aside from the "lady-on-diet" portion of the two soft tacos being served, it was a thumbs up dish!

(3) Chicken in chocolate and chili sauce topped with toasted peanut and zucchini black beans and rice. (2 soft taco wraps)
Although chocolate was used in preparation of the sauce, not much of such flavor was present. I doubt it was the intention to have strong chocolate flavor in this dish, but the adding of the chocolate would make the sauce more creamy for sure. I guess it was a love it a hate it kind of thing; but for me, I loved it. The combination of chocolate and chili is not new and I found a few varying recipes online related to this. One called the sauce a Cincinnati Chili sauce and the other Chocolate Chili.

(4) Pie de Limon (Key lime tequila pie)
On first sight, I thought the top was a meringue layer but it turned out to be pure whipped cream which was slightly torched! The flavors of the pie was alright but the crust was too soft and there were too much whipped cream on top!

  • Environment + Great Service
  • Sea Bass Taco - colorful presentation wonderfully done; but more like a Tapas than a main dish.
  • Salad (Grilled Pear) - very refreshing to start start with. The contrasting texture was great.
  • Pie de Limon - too much whipped cream!
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Cafe Iguana
Shop R004, Civic Squre, Elements,
1 Austin Road West, TST
Tel: 2196 8733

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KennyT said...

Bring me there bring me there!

Jason said...

@KennyT: let's go and get eat Nachos during Happy Hour over a few beers (plus chili infused Tequila?)! O, maybe you can bring some of that Chunky Guacamo along as well, yeah! LOL


cheeky angel said...

Got sent this in an email, which may entice you to return again on a Sunday:
Not sure about the chocolate fountain but it might be worth a visit in the near future.

Jason said...

@cheeky angel

thanks for the info! yeah, let me call them up to check out what it means by semi-buffet ... definitely a good place for brunch! Thanks again!

cheeky angel said...

You're welcome, Jason. It'd be great to hear what they mean by semi-buffet too.

Jason said...

@Cheeky Angel: I went back there for brunch today and asked about the Sunday brunch set. Apparently you select ONE main course from a selection of 5 or 6 (to be updated every few weeks), while the salad, soup and chocolate fountain items are of full buffet style.

Jin said...

i think these items are not available at the branch in central, but i didn't really go thru the menu since we asked the server to order everything for us. i'll try the elements branch next time and appoint you to do the ordering! :)

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