Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Pantray (Revisited)

I promised after my previous visit to The Pantray I would return for a second attempt and so I did this afternoon. The interior remain unchanged, with a clean, bright and contemporary touch to its decor, a very relaxing environment for brunch or any other meals. the first thing you would notice when entering the restaurant was the use of a large long table which I always thought was a bad idea because it would be weird for a group of 2 or 3 people to be assigned here sitting side by side sharing the table with groups of other strangers. However, apparently it was not that uncommon to have large groups at this restaurant, there were two tables of 8 or so on this afternoon.

(1) All Day Breakfast
(Sweet Corn Fritters, Potato, Ham, Smoked Salmon, pork sausage & Tomato + Egg Benedict) The "pan" was warm but the ham, fritters and pork sausage were at room temperature! I did not expect a sizzling hot plate but I did expect the items to be a bit more heated (except the smoked salmon of course). Some of the items were not served at optimal temperature. Very Disappointing! I ordered potato as one of the 6 items but they looked more like wedges (or maybe fat fries which I like to call them). The guests at the table next to us ordered a basket of fries (if i overheard correctly) but those "fries" looked just like my so-called "potatoes". Unless that basket I saw was a basket of potatoes, otherwise I really doubt what I was served was potatoes as indicated on the menu. On the bright side, the Egg Benedict was well prepared with plenty of liquid egg yolk remained inside.

(2) Bagel Set
My friend ordered the Bagel Set which came with a bowl of soup as well. I did try any but it looked healthy enough to me.

  • A relatively relaxing atmosphere for brunch, especially on a sunny afternoon.
  • Service was better than last time, very attentive and very responsive as well
  • Items were not served at optimal temperature
  • Not sure if those were potatoes or fries
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

The Pantray
G/F Sunning Plaza
10 Hysan Avenue, CWB, Hong Kong
852 2808 1148

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Geoffrey Wu said...

Great posting indeed and thank you for your insights regarding Pantray. I have always wanted to try this restaurant but just havent had this opportunity as I somehow always end up at Inn-Side Out next door.

I also blog about food & restaurants and check it out:

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Jason said...

Hey Geoff, thanks for dropping by! By mentioning Inn-Side Out, I suddenly have the urge to go, especially for Happy Hour so I can go crazy on the beer and peanuts!!!

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