Sunday, October 11, 2009

Main St. Deli

I missed my chance of having dinner here several weeks ago because I was sick. I have been thinking about it ever since and I just have to come here sooner or later, preferably sooner of course. Without much hesitation when my friend asked me out for dinner, I picked this place to make it up. The layout of this place looked so-what of a typical NYC Deli but the hanging Chandeliers and leather-like padded chairs made the place an upscale one.

(1) Original Matzoh Ball
(also known as Matzah Ball)
I ordered this soup because I had no idea what it was. As informed, it contained a boiled dough in the shape of a ball and placed into the chicken soup. Interesting I thought and the presentation certainly surprised me for sure! The huge "boiled dough" ball was placed in the middle of the soup as informed. The Matzoh Ball was rather tasteless, but it was nice and comforting when consumed together with the slightly salty chicken soup. The texture was smooth and soft which reminded me of the Indian dessert Gulab Jamun.

(2) The Ultimate 54 Burgers
My friend ordered this huge burger which consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, mushroom, bacon, fried egg, Swiss and Cheddar Cheese. The one item that attracted me the most was the fried egg, made me droll for sure! Among the many choices of side dishes, my friend picked the "Potato Bricks" which looked very filling indeed.

(3) Wagyu Ruben (choices of 25cm, 50cm, 75cm & 100cm)
(Wagyu pastrami, corned beef, turkey, sauerkraut and melted Swiss Cheese on crispy baguette served with creamy coleslaw and chunky potato salad.) I loved the presentation, particularly the measurement label on the wooden plate / tray. With the various kinds of meats stacked it was rather difficult to distinguish the individual flavors of the meats. The 25cm sandwich must be enjoyed by experiencing the combined flavors of the various meats. It was the intensity of the different flavors that really made the world of differences to me. Although the meats were not as juicy or tender as I hoped, a quick dip into the cheese sauce and a sip of beer along the way compensated such short-fall; at least to me.

When the sandwich was served, it came with a steak knife but it was rather difficult to eat this way; it was too civilized! Hence I use my hands which was the best way in my opinion! It might not be the most hygienic gesture but there was no other ways more satisfying than licking melted cheese off your fingers. To quote from KFC, "finger lickin' good." The fries were disappointing though, they were soggy, very soggy.

  • Very comfortable atmosphere and great service!
  • Wagyu Ruben - wonderful indeed. More cheese would be nice!
  • Original Matzoh Ball - an interesting item to try.
  • Fries -very soggy!
  • Fries / Potatoes bricks cost extra, even for the burger dish
Avg. Spending: HKD 200 - 300 per person

Main St. Deli
Lower lobby level,
Langham Hotel, 8 Peking Road, TST
Tel: 2375 1133

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cheeky angel said...

Haven't been here for a good couple of years and it seems they have added to their menu, so I may go for a visit in the near future. And there's no other way to eat a sandwich or a burger, except with your was the original finger food ;)

Jodi said...

From my understanding, Matzah-ball (also called Matzo in the US) is jewish food, normally eaten during Passover. It is made from matzo meal. Think I saw packs of matzo meal at the Oliver's. Still have to find out exactly what matzo meal is. It is generally served in a broth, like the restaurant did.

Jason said...

@cheeky angel: yes indeed, I don't care if it looked uncivilized, I enjoyed the sandwich much better with the use of my hands!!

@Jodi: It was my very first time trying such traditional Jewish item and I enjoyed it. I wonder if there are other ways of preparing Matzah-ball aside from being served in a broth?

Jin said...

i have an endless list of foods that taste better when eaten with your hands! putting one leg up on some occasions makes the experience even better, too! haha :D

Jason said...

@Jin: Then you better share with me your list of finger food! I want to try them all !! .. :D

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