Friday, October 16, 2009

Caffe Habitu @ Wan Chai

Arriving early in the Wan Chai area, I picked Caffe Habitu to take a little short break while waiting for my friends. I haven't been to Caffe Habitu for a long while and this outlet is my first time. This franchise has been expanding quite rapidly over last several years. In my opinion, one of the key elements that differs from other similar establishment is its setting and spacious decor which includes the cozy sofas and etc. It is not the food that would attract me to return. How about the coffee you ask? Well, there is much room for "re-improvement" in my humble opinion. I say "re-improvement" because it used to be decent and consistency with their coffee beverages but lately (as in the past year), the fluctuating quality maybe due to rapid expansion perhaps?

(1) Cappuccino Burlee
This is a new seasonally creation. There used to be a caramelized latte on menu before but this time it is Cappuccino instead. The foam was fine and fair but the coffee was not strong enough. An extra shot would be nice. The crispy caramelized layer a bit too sweet and overly sticky to my likely (stuck between teeth like toffee candy).

(2) Lychee Dream
Another new creation on the menu. I consisted of layers of lychee jelly topped with a pinkish meringue layer. The meringue was slightly too soft in my opinion and the crust was too soft / soggy as well. While there was strong and rich lychee flavor through the dessert, it was too sweet for me. It somehow reminded me of the Baked Alaska from Jimmy's Kitchen.

  • Decor / Atmosphere
  • Inconsistent coffee beverages quality
  • Lychee Dream - a bit too sweet
Avg Spending: Below HKD 100 per person

Caffe Habitu
G/F, 8-10 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai
Tel: 2527 8999

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Geoffrey Wu said...

Hi Jason,

Caffe Habitu is an absolute stinker in my opinion. I dont think I enjoy my visits there at all even though it is 1 min from where I live. So far, to my surprise, I think one of the better coffees in town is surprisingly from McCafe at $12 a shot!

Happy Eating!

Jason said...

@Geoff: yeah, Caffee Habitu is unable to maintain its overall quality over the years, especially with its hot food. It was FAIR when they first opened back in 2003 / 04 (IIRC); now I would only stick to its coffee or cakes if I so happen to be there. Even its coffee has become very inconsistent in terms of quality, likely due to its rapid expansion and unable to recruit enough skilled staff.

- Jason

P said...

比起星記咖啡,這間的chain store味道沒那麼重。

Jason said...

@stephaine: Thanks for dropping by! You often go to the Bank of America (Central) one? Same here! However, it is the atmosphere and seating arrangement that would make me go there. Coffee and food quality is no longer the same as before unfortunately :(


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