Monday, October 12, 2009

Brown Restaurant and Bar

I really miss Happy Valley! I lived in this neighborhood for 2 years and experienced many ups and downs in terms of career and relationship alike. I have not been back for almost a year, the closest I have been to Happy Valley was my last visit to Amigo. Memories are best to be treasured and I hope in the near future I can continue my wonderful experiences in Happy Valley by moving back. After having dinner nearby, a couple of my friends and I came here for a good old Friday night drinks. This place to me is very cozy and homely with an upscale and contemporary touch to its decor and atmosphere. To me it is an upscale neighborhood joint whereby one would come by after work for a drink or two (plus chats with friends or the staff) before returning home.

(1) Lagavulin 16 years
I ordered Lagavulin 16 years (on the rocks) to start with. As mentioned before, Lagavulin is not a common Single Malt Whiskey you can find in Hong Kong based on my experiences but am glad that Brown Restaurant and Bar carries it. It was smooth and smokey as usual, a wonderful single malt whiskey in my opinion.

(2) Apple Crumble

First of all, it looked nothing like a traditional dish of apple crumble to me. It looked like those Hong Kong styled "Pineapple bun" to me. I ordered this because I saw it at the display counter and it looked interesting. It looked more like an apple pie to me. Aside from the fact that the bottom crust was a bit too hard, the rest was wonderful. It was very buttery and the top crust was crisp and tasteful. The apple mixture was deep inside the "pie" and it was well flavored with slices of apple. Definitely not the usual apple crumble you around town but definitely a good variation in my opinion. Thumbs up!

(3) Erdinger - Dunkel

There are many varieties of beer under the German brand of Erdinger, with Weißbier (aka Wheat Beer) as the most common one you can find in Hong Kong based on my humble knowledge. Therefore, as soon as I saw Dunkel being offered on the menu, I immediately ordered one. Dunkel beer comes with a darker brownish color which carries a heavy malt flavors. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed spending a lovely evening with a few good friends over drinks and desserts.

  • Atmosphere / environment (they have an outdoor patio section at the back of the restaurant as well)
  • Apple Crumble - a very nice variation from the traditional kind, very buttery and crusty!
  • Lagavulin 16 years
  • Nothing so far during this visit, but I am planning to try its meals later.
Avg. Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person
Brown Restaurant and Bar
G/F, 18A Sing Woo Road, Ground Floor, Happy Valley
Tel: 852 2891 8558

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Geoffrey Wu said...

Hi Jason,

Let me know how is the food in Brown as everytime I walk past, it is like a grave-yard!

Happy Eating!

Jason said...

@Geoff: HAHA, I like how you are describing it: like a grave-yard. Actually, to my knowledge, a lot of diners prefer to sit at the back of the restaurant (patio / outdoors) where it is not visible from the street view. I am yet to try their food after so long, I will do that soon! :)

O yeah, Benson Cuisine & Wine down the street from Brown is pretty empty most of the time as well if I recall correctly, but their food is pretty good! Worth a try!


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