Friday, October 30, 2009

Whisk @ The Mira

Whisk is not the easiest place to find even within the hotel because the direct lift is still under construction. It is one floor above Cuisine Cuisine which opened recently as well. However, it was a rewarding experience even after the little maze adventure. I arrived a bit early so I took the advantage to try out its attached outdoor terrace (called Vibe I think) while waiting for my friends. It was a cool terrace situated in the middle of the hotel with tropical trees, plants as well as some changing lights to fit the somewhat techno ambiance. With the light breeze that evening, it was a perfect moment some personal reflection over a glass of Single Malt Mccallan 12 years old whisky.

This joint is run by famous Chef Justin Quek who headed the Singapore restaurant Les Amis. Justin Quek actually has his own website! I took notice of this place thanks to CNNgo's and TimeOut HK's article / introduction a few weeks ago

The premise of Whisk is actually smaller than I expected, well at least the main dining area. The color theme is mainly grayish and with touches of dark brownish colors from what I saw under the dim lighting. The whole decor was more or less contemporary with touches of high-tech / techno feel to it especially with its stainless steel plated menu. Talking about the menu, for some odd reasons, the fonts were HUGE!, perhaps size 36? Was it intended to fill up the empty space on the page? humm ... (o by the way, for guys, you have to check out the bathroom where the urinals are made of stainless steel and the water tab lights up when you turn it on!)

(1) Baked Lobster Bisque "herb souffle"
It was an interesting way to prepare lobster bisque especially with the souffle top. I did not try any myself but from the look of it, worth giving it a try.

(2) Warm salad of sauteed king prawn (flambeed with Grand Marnier)
A rather refreshing dish to start with especially with traces of Grand Marnier. The prawns were HUGE and fresh with the meat being very firm as well; but the whole thing was not being served at optimal temperature in my opinion. Likely had to wait for the lobster bisque before serving all starters together. Overall I was very satisfied.

(3) Surf & Turf
One of my friends ordered this but did not try any. The turf / lobster looked YUMMMY!

(4) Roasted crispy suckling pig (with truffle salad and spiced red wine sauce)
It was one of the signature dishes from Whisk and one of the recommended dishes from the wait staff as well. A classic Chinese items being fusion-ed I guess. It reminded be of a similar dish from OPIA which closed and gave way to the current Drawing Room. Anyhow, it was very crisp indeed and together with the sauce, it helped to balance the slightly fatty texture of the crispy suckling pig and the slight saltiness as well. I had to beg my friend to let me try a FEW pieces because one was just not enough!

(5) Baked Miso Marinated Cod
Another recommended item with a "whisk" symbol by its name on the menu. The cod was actually more flaky than I expected, which was good because it was less "fatty" as well. (maybe due to the baking process?) The miso flavor carried a slightly sweet taste to it and together with the ginger and lime sauce, it was a rather refreshing! I usually don't order fish (or chicken for that matter) but I think I should change my habit from now on.

(6) Warm chocolate, vanilla ice cream and caramelized banana
Another highlights of the night had to be the dessert round. The caramelized banana was placed inside the warm chocolate tart. The chocolate was surprising rich (and thick) which was wonderful but it overtook the flavors of the banana.

(7) "Flourless" Raspberry Souffle
The souffle was a delight! Soft, light, fluffy (if that's the way to describe it) and melt in your mouth. It had to be consumed quickly because it started to collapse very soon after being served. I only had a few bites because I was too concentrated on the following dessert!!!

(8) Flaky apple tart (with roasted almond and caramel ice cream)
It was not the normal type of TART you would have expected. The so called crust was made from those crispy puff pastry like from a croissant. I cannot recall the exact name for it but it was thin, crispy and hot off the tray! If possible I might just return later just for this dessert! humm ... o well, I will make it happen! Thumbs up for me!!!

We ordered a bottle of wine as well, it was the 2007 Caledonia Australis Pinot Noir which apparently won some awards. For someone who is still learning all about wine, all I know was that it was very fruity and easy to drink, good for drinking by itself without any food pairing.

  • Great decor + atmosphere (especially with the open terrace for drinks)
  • Flaky Apple Tarts - a must try for apple lovers! (I only eat cooked apples ... )
  • Roasted crispy suckling pig - a signature dish indeed.
  • Warm chocolate, vanilla ice cream and caramelized banana - the chocolate was too rich that overtook the flavors of the banana.
  • Service a bit over-attentive at times
Avg Spending: Above 500 per person

5/F, The Mira,
118 Nathan Road, TST
Tel: 852 2315 5999

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KennyT said...

What a feast! Would love to try those prawns, it captures my attention when you said there's trace of grand marnier! I love my prawns with a hint of citrusy flavour, hehe.

Jason said...

@KennyT: Sometimes it is the traces of flavors that capture your full attention!

Jason said...

@KennyT: and yes, the hint of citrusy flavor was a delight! :)

Unknown said...

Because of your comments, I plan to go there this Saturday to try out their dessert :D

Jason said...

@olivia: you HAVE to try the FLAKY apple tart! :)

bonnie said...

Hey Jason: seems like Justin Quek is also heading "French Window" @ IFC... so disappointed... should i still go try WHISK?

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