Thursday, October 29, 2009


It is rather difficult to imagine you can find a place near SoHo whereby you can sit comfortably indoors looking at the busy traffic on Hollywood Road through a large window. I found such a place a few weeks ago @ Prego. It is a cozy Italian bistro with a rather upscale decor. The floor seems to be of hard marble as far as I can tell.

The overall atmosphere was rather relaxing especially watching the traffic come and go but without hearing the sound of the horns!

During my stay, many came for their sandwiches and pizzas for takeout. Not the regular pizza slices in triangular shape but the rectangular folded pizza pocket which I ordered as well. The folded pizza sandwich I like to call it (is there a special name they call this type of pizza? I tried to dig it up but no luck so far), reminded me of how I use to do the same with sliced pizza from Pizza Pizza back in Toronto. Instead of common pizza dough, it was served with Focaccia-like bread, only softer and thinner. The sauce was light and there were plenty of mushroom for my wild mushroom pizza I ordered.

The Cappuccino I ordered was not what I expected unfortunately. It was not strong enough and the foam was like ... someone having a bad hair day! It somehow reassembles a pile of snow shoveled against the side of a driveway on a cold and snowy morning. I did my fair share of snow shoveling once upon a time! Anyhow, there are much room for improvement with the coffee beverages. I might visit again soon to try out their pasta dishes.

  • Great atmosphere, decor and service!
  • A rather refreshing alternative to common pizza slices

  • Coffee too weak and the foam ... humm ...
Avg Spending: Around HKD 100 per person

Prego - Italian Food and Coffee Shop
G/F, Carfield Commercial Building,
75-77 Wyndham Street, Central
Tel: 852 2140 6555

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cheeky angel said...

Looks like a great people-watching space. Is the folded pizza sandwich like an open calzone?

Jason said...

@cheeky angel, yes indeed, it looked like open calzone before it was served but apparently someone just told me that it is a varied version of Pizza al Taglio ( So glad I am learn new things and terms everyday :)

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