Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sushi Kuu 壽司喰

After my rather disappointing visit at Sushi U last time, I was on a quest to find better Japanese restaurants in the LKF area for lunch. My friend and I picked Sushi Kuu as recommended by many of our friends. According to my sources, this joint is run by the chef from Kiku. Once again, we took the bar table because I can get a first hand view of the sushi chef. There were plenty of choices for lunch sets, which most of them being sushi or sashimi dishes. We both picked the sushi platter set.

(1) Miso Soup
As part of the set, it came with Miso Soup. It was very nice indeed. Not many places in Hong Kong would serve miso soup with dried bean curd and sliced onions like they did here. Also, the msio flavor of the soup was not too strong, letting the flavors of the bean curd to stand out as well.

(1) 9 pcs Assorted Sushi
One of the reasons we ordered the sushi platter was because I wanted to watch it being prepared. The fish looked fresh like at Sushi U but here they were being PRESSED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! NOT from the tin can. (except for the maki / roll)

The fish were fresh and the the sushi rice were tightly pressed in front of us. Although the maki was picked from the tin can, they were refilled constantly by another chef who only focused on the maki at the other end of the sushi bar. In other words, executing a fine division of labor in front of the customers.

Among the 9 pieces of sushi, I liked the sweet shrimp sushi the most.

(3) Udon in Soup
The set also came with a bowl of udon in soup but because it was served around the same time as the sushi, the udon became a bit too soft by the time I started to eat it after the sushi. No surprises but the soup was nice because it was not too strong and salty. I think this dish should be served closer to the end of the main dish if they have enough resources to do so.

  • sushi pressed in front of you and not from a tin can.
  • ingredients were fresh
  • miso soup - not too salty and with the sliced bean curd added for extra flavors.
  • Udon being served too early, making the udon too soft and the soup cold.
  • can be quite noisy during peak hours
Avg Spedning: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Sushi Kuu 壽司喰
1/F Wellington Place,
2-8 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: 852 2971 0180

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Geoffrey Wu said...

Hi Jason

This is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Central - note I say Central. I am a regular at Sushi Kuu for lunch and next time, try and order the Sashimi Cube Don. SO GOOD!

Happy Eating

Jason said...

@Geoff, I have been back to Sushi Kuu twice already after my above visit and I plan to return for sure. You have just saved me some energy in deciding what to order next time, Sashimi Cube Don it is!! Thanks!!


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