Thursday, October 22, 2009

新九記粥麵 (Xin Jiu Ji)

A simple quick meal can sometimes be equally satisfying as a 3 courses meal at a Michelin 2-star restaurant. One of such options which I love is to have good congee and wanton at a local, homely and down-to-earth establishment. After a short chat with a friend in the Wan Chai area, we were both very hungry but wanted to try something fast but yummy of course! I am not so familiar with this area so my friend led the way. My friend visited this place once before and enjoyed the congee very much. I would not comment much about the decor, comfortableness or even atmosphere of this place because there wasn't much. It was fairly clean and that was all I cared at that moment.

The very first thing I noticed was the many POTs of congee on top of electric stoves on many tables, together with some raw ingredients on the side. Apparently this place is famous for its Congee Hot Pot / Fondue! Too bad we were in a hurry, otherwise I would insist on trying for sure!

(1) Pork Liver + Beef Congee
The pork liver was wonderful! Firm but slightly "crisp" / bouncy against the teeth. Rich in flavor as well. The sliced beef was alright, not surprises compared with the wonderful pork liver. Congee wise, it was not as creamy or as thick as I expected (and of which I love!) but it was definitely good above average!

(2) Wanton
I was still very hungry after the congee so I ordered a bowl of wanton! (and so did my friend) It was wonderful! It was not the BIG and STUFFED type, it was the typical size one with chopped shrimps and pork mixtures (plus traces of shrimp roe?). The dough layer / skin was very thin and the wrapping skills resulted with a little "tail" sticking to the wanton. (I think a typical or traditional Wanton have a certain guideline as to the proportion of the dough / skin and it should have a fairly long "tail" to it)

  • Pork Liver - Fresh good quality pork liver!
  • Wanton - nicely prepared / wrapped
  • Really packed ! I had to sit with both legs squeeze tightly together!
  • Congee not as creamy and thick to my liking.
Avg Spending: Around HKD 100 per person

新九記粥麵 (Xin Jiu Ji)
G/F, No. 9 Tai Wang Tung Street, Wan Chai
Tel: 2865 2827

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KennyT said...

That wonton looks yum!

cutieviv said...

haha, the good old MSG which makes everything yummy!

Jason said...

@KennyT, not only it looks good, it tastes pretty good as well!

@cutieviv, a nice dose of MSG once in a while is not a bad thing afterall! HAHA

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