Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Press Room (Revisited)

I never really enjoyed having a one-day holiday in the middle of the week because the feeling is more devastating than weekends. Within 24 hours, one has to return to work, the feeling is definitely worst than a normal 48 hours weekend, which is already not enough! It was 1 Oct 2009, and the best activity to cheer myself on such a holiday was to find something comforting for brunch. I have been to the Brunch Club a bit too often lately so I opted for The Press Room for a nice and relaxing brunch with a friend.

To my surprise, The Press Room looked slightly different, especially the entrance and the previous seafood bar area. After an apparent renovation, a new seafood bar has been constructed at the entrance with its old location replaced by a beverages / alcohol bar. It is obvious that they want to push their seafood items and one of their new offerings include freshly baked / prepared whole fish which can be selected from the seafood bar. Grilled Whole Red Snapper sounds good to me !! The red snapper is for another night, for brunch on this gloomy afternoon, we went for something more suited for this time of day.

(1) Blueberries Pancakes
Pancake? It should be named Fat Pancake or Over-sized Pancake because of its thickness. It was so thick but for a reason I suppose. Only with this thickness can the chunks of blueberries be able to hide inside the pancake. Also, the texture of the pancake was more like a slice of loaf cake, rather firm and dry. It really tasted like slice of loaf cake if it weren't for the syrup. A disappointing dish. (o yes, the bacon was alright, crisp and dry, not greasy as well.)

(2) Corned Beef Hash with poached egg
A highly recommended dish by my friend and it was definitely worth trying. The poached egg was prepared just right with plenty of egg yolk flooding out when the poach was punctured. It really looked like a little poach. As for the hash itself, the texture was starchy with a crisp but firm outer layer. The beef flavor was rich and the diced potatoes and minced carrots inside gave the hash an added variation of flavors on every bite. I think there were traces or slight hints of tomato (and its skin) in the hash but I wasn't certain. Overall a wonderful brunch item.

(3) Press Room Fries
How can one visit The Press Room without ordering its fries, it is a must in my opinion. I have talked about its fries over and over again in many of my reviews and I will never get tired of mentioning it again because it is one of best I tried so far in Hong Kong. The one we ordered was freshly fried and it was crispy with a relatively hollow center and it was not too greasy with a slightly chewy outer layer to it. Thumbs up again! My friend and I were literally fighting over the last piece !!

  • Fries, Fries and more Fries
  • Slightly renovated but maintained the relaxing atmosphere and bistro decor from before.
  • Corned Beef Hash - very starchy and rich in beef flavor, a very decent dish
  • Pancake - taste like loaf cake, too thick and dry
  • Can be quite noisy when full house
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

The Press Room
108 Hollywood Road, SoHo
Tel: 2525 3444

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