Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kiangsu Chekiang and Shanghai Residents (HK) Association 香港蘇浙同鄉會餐廳

It was my first time visiting this place because I do not have the required membership to this place. Lucky that my friend is a member so I can finally give this place a try. The decor and environment was definitely out of my expectation, it was very contemporary / modern rather than the old-school style I had in mind. We arrived around 8:30pm so the place was not overly crowded.

(1) Diced Jelly fish with sauteed green onion & gluten puff with mushrooms and bamboo shoots

These two items are some of my favorites! However, the diced jelly fish was a bit too soft, not elastic / chewy enough. The gluten puff on the hand was above average with rich flavors and just the right elasticity in my opinion.

(2) Smoked Egg
The yolk part was well prepared with the top of the yolk being very soft and yolk-y. However, it was weak flavors. A bit disappointing.

(3) Mock roasted goose (fried tofu crust)
Very well prepared with very thin layers stacked together and a very favorable mushroom mixture inside. To my knowledge, there are two kinds of mocked roasted goose, one is the fried tofu crust one like the one being served this evening and the other one is the smoked type. I personally prefer the smoked type. The smoked type usually consists of thinly sliced vegetables wrapped with soft soy bean / tofu sheets.

(4) Steamed Mini Pork Bun (Xiao Loong Bao)
How can a Shanghainese dinner go without Xiao Loong Bao. The outer layer was slightly too thick but it contained plenty of meat juicy (as least the one I had). The presence of meat juicy delighted me so it some-what compromised the short-fall of the thick skin.

(5) Pan-fried Pork Ravioli
This skin of such pan-fried dumplings are supposed to be thick and it was. The delightful surprise was the meat juicy flowing inside the dumpling. With the bottom cooked to a brownish color, the whole dumpling looked very delicious. Thumbs up!

(6) "Tian Jin" cabbage in cream sauce
Not surprises here but a bit more cream sauce would be nice.

(7) Sesame and spring onion pancake
This dish was a surprise indeed. Instead of the traditional pan-fried onion pancake, this one was partly baked. The baking process made the sesame released its wonderful and savory smell. The disappointing aspect of this item was the lack of chopped green onion, there were not enough to make every bite contains the onion flavors.

  • Sesame and spring onion pancake - although not enough green onion, the smell of the sesame was wonderful and it was something new to me
  • Pan-fried Pork Ravioli - not many places in Hong Kong can make such dumplings with this much of meat juice inside
  • good service - likely because it was membership based
  • Smoked Eggs - weak on flavors
  • Diced Jelly fish - too soft, not elastic enough
  • members only
Avg Spending: HKD 200- 300 per person

Kiangsu And Chekiang Residents (H.K.) Association 香港蘇浙同鄉會餐廳
3/F, 38-48 Mannin House, Central
Tel: 852 2526 3251

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Melissa said...

The food at this restaurant looks good. Do you need a member to bring you?

Jason said...

unfortunately yes, they only accept payment from members (as far as I understand) ...

Jin said...

aaarrrggghhh!! but that sesame and spring onion pancake looks REALLY good!!!

Jason said...

@Jin: if you love sesame, you will LOVE this pancake! you can smell the roasted sesame from a distance of at least 3 meters!

Jin said...


Yanyanclassmate said...

I saw your comments on Openrice and I really want to go there for my friend's BD celebration. I called them and they only need the member to make the reservation. No need to be paid by member... Do you mind sharing your membership no with me? Greatly appreciated.


Jason said...

@Yanyanclassmate: Hi Yan! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comments. The thing is, I am not a member myself so I had to ask members to bring me there as well. Sorry. :(

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