Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nathaniel's Buko Pandan Salad

Extra! Extra! Nathaniel's Buko Pandan Salad has just arrived, freshly off the plane from Manila! Thank You Very Much Jin!!! Thank You!! I was first introduced to this Buko Pandan Salad from one of Jin's entries and I was literally drooling when looking at the pictures; but NOW I can finally drool in front of the REAL THING!!! As recommended, this wonderful salad can be enjoyed in 3 different ways: (1) Room Temperature, (2) Chilled and (3) Frozen. At the time of picture taking, the Buko Panda Salad was mostly defrosted so I might as well start off with the tasting at Room Temperature. I cannot wait till it is chilled or even frozen, I need to try it RIGHT AWAY! I will continue to update this entry when the salad is frozen and chilled. (likely by tomorrow night, I will have tried the salad (2) Chilled and (3) Frozen! )

(1) Room Temperature Buko Pandan Salad
[28 Oct 2009] Rich and deep in coconut flavors, creamy and silky smooth! It was like very thick coconut milkshakes with plenty of pandan jelly to be consumed by the spoonful. It was not too sweet as well to my surprise! Yum, Yummm & Yummmmmmy! I was one TINY step away from "drinking" the whole thing, only stopped by the thought that there are still 2 different ways to enjoy this Buko Pandan Salad! I am so looking forwarding to tomorrow's night when I can try it frozen! (and followed by the Chilled version about 30 mins or maybe 2o mins afterwards?)

(2) Frozen Buko Pandan Salad
[added 29 Oct 2009] After a long day of waiting, I finally got my chance to try the frozen version of the Salad. It was rather flaky and of course cold! When I tried to dig into it, it felt like shoveling snow but instead of sweating all over, I got to eat it. The texture somewhat reassemble Kakigōri (Japanese dessert made from shaved ice flavored with syrup similar to that from Taiwan as well). A very refreshing version of the dessert indeed! Now I am sitting here waiting for it to defrost a bit so the Chilled version can be sampled!!! 10 more mins? 20 mins? or 30 mins? hummm ...

(3) Chilled Buko Pandan Salad
[added 29 Oct 2009] FINALLY ! After about 30 mins of waiting and constant checking every 5 mins (which felt like 3 hours!), it was time to sample the Chilled version! With it thawed, the texture was more like ice cream. The coconut flavor was richer in this version than the frozen version. I love this version the most! You can let it thaw longer if you prefer to have a more creamy texture but it takes precious waiting time which was rather painful for especially when it was sitting right in front of me!

Thank You Jin! I seriously don't know how long this tub is going to last! I am doing my best to control myself but not an easy task indeed!

  • Room Temperature Buko Pandan Salad - just like coconut milkshakes: thick, creamy and smooth!
  • Frozen Buko Pandan Salad - just like Kakigōri (Japanese dessert made from shaved ice flavored with syrup similar to that from Taiwan as well)
  • Chilled Buko Pandan Salad - ice cream like texture which was really hard to stop eating spoon after spoon.
  • Sorry none so far


Jin said...

You are most welcome, Jason! :) But I can't believe there is still some left after all three versions! I wish I had even just half of your self control.

Dislike: Not available in HK!!!

Jason said...

@Jin: the best way to control in my case right now is to get something else to chew (aside from the Buko Pandan Salad) so my mouth is busy with eating! LOL

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