Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beef Entrails (牛雜) @ 利強記北角雞蛋仔

After the rapid de-hydration from the overly salty rice noodle from AY-TU Flour Rice Noodle 阿土麵線, I rushed to the nearest 7-11 for an immediate re-hydration! As soon as I was partly re-hydrated, I saw huge line up at the stalk next to AY-TU. Based on the name of the food stalk, it is the branch of the famous eggette (雞蛋仔 - "gai daan jai") outlet from North Point. (yes, there is actually an English word for 雞蛋仔 and has a wiki entry too!) While it is quite normal to have a long queue for the eggette, what captured my undivided attention was the SECOND queue directly next to it. Apparently, the tiny shop/stalk has been divided into two parts, one selling eggette and the other half selling "beef entrails" (牛雜). "Beef entrails" is another new word to me, never knew it is used to describe this traditional Hong Kong / Cantonese delicacies.

My friend said this particular "beef entrails" (牛雜) stalk is pretty famous as well so why wait? I had my re-hydration drinks with me just in case anyhow. The staff carefully pick various parts of the beef entrails from the pot of dark brownish soup with his worn out tongs. I had no idea which piece was which because I was more focused on the scissor the staff was using to cut the big pieces into smaller bite size pieces. Well, sometimes there are things better unknown, ie: the age of that scissor and what else it is used for. Among the many items in such "beef entrails" serving , the most sought after is the pancreas (牛膀) and there were plenty in this bowl. In terms of taste, all items were under-flavored. Texture wise all items were slightly too firm. These two characteristics, under-flavoring and firmness, were likely due to the shortened braising time.

It has been a long while since I last had street food in Hong Kong and on this day, I had just a bit too much. After my sodium overdose, I had my calorie overdose! But then again, I think we can spoil ourselves once in a while with sodium, calories or even MSG overdose because it is part of the duties of a food lover to explore different food and cuisines. (Note: regular detox sessions may apply !!)

  • Pancreas (牛膀)
  • Calories overdose
  • Under-flavored and a bit too firm
Avg Spending: Below HKD 100 per person

利強記北角雞蛋仔 [Beef Entrails (牛雜) Stalk]
G/F, Southom Center
3 O'Brien Road, Wan Chai

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Greentea00 said...

u know, this place 牛雜(both north point and wanchai) is always my #1 choice favourite!!

Jason said...

really? good ! I am definitely going to try again later. I hope the items will be more tender next time ... yeah !

cutieviv said...

Seems like you are in the mood of street food! Have you tried 糖荵餅? I used to have it outside of my school everyday, but don't know where to find it anymore! One thing for sure though - you won't get dehydrated after eating that! Try to find it!

Jason said...

@cutieviv: o o o, my next mission = 糖荵餅 ! yeah ... wait for my next review by the way, Swiss food = CHEESEEEEEE (which you love) ... I am going for a cheese hunt very soon!

Babedolphin said...

Waiting for your review of 糖荵餅 too! Less and less shops have that :S

And with Beef Organs - how about 十三座牛雜 too? Northpoint still my no.1 preference for now!

Jason said...

@Babedolphin, any idea where I can find good 糖荵餅? HAHA. I saw this place @ Wan Chai on Openrice that has 糖荵餅 (; but I am sure there are more places that have it ... humm ... maybe MK? I guess this is another mission for this month, to find 糖荵餅! If you come across it, please do let me know! (and please give it a try first of course! :) )

I have not tried 十三座牛雜 yet but I just marked it down on my little notebook so when I pass by North Point next time, will give it try definitely!!! ... so excited to try it :)

Babedolphin said...

With the 糖荵餅, sighhh... the 砵仔王 in your link used to have it at the outlet near my office at 上環文華里 - but for some reason that never carries it anymore!

I've also seen it somewhere else before too but can't remember anymore! Stupid for me not to jot down the name/address. :O

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