Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Yuu (Revisited)

When I was being asked to think of a dinning place with the following criteria, The Yuu somehow pops into my mind. Criteria: a) low carb b) non-raw food c) no seafood d) TST and e) comfortable. It was my second visit to this place but I was actually excited about trying some new items on its menu. Contrary to my own belief (or what it used to be), I actually enjoy trying new things; not just relating to food, but all sort of things. I would not say I am an adventurous person (... yet ... ) but I think I am one step closer than yesterday. There is a saying that the more you study, the less risk you are going to take because you have been informed or educated of the potential risks on every actions you take or decisions you make. But I have recently learned that to have a so-called meaningful life, it should be filled with risks. Life is all about risk, there is no point to be staying within the box or trying to make yourself fit within the box so to avoid or minimize risks. Thinking out of the the box, stay out of the box and live out of the box. There can be challenges as well as fun to out of the risks you are going to take. Anyhow, let me get back to the food items.

(1) Omelet with crab meat 蟹肉厚燒玉子
This is one of the famous items and since I enjoyed it last time, I ordered it again. However, it was rather disappointing. It was very watery for some reasons and the flavors were not as rich as last time. Maybe it was due to the busy hour on a Sat night? Whatever the reason was, the fact was that it was very watery and it somehow showed the inconsistency in the food quality. Revisiting a restaurant provides me the opportunity to review on the consistency factor of a great restaurant.

(2) Soft-shell crab Maki 軟殼蟹卷
This dish, on the other hand, maintained its quality. The soft-shell crab was fresh and crispy and the maki was tightly wrapped. No new surprises here.

(3) Robatayaki Selection
(Grilled Minced Chicken, Grilled OX tongue and chicken Soft bones) This order was another proof for its consistency in terms of food quality. The grilled ox tongue and minced chicken were under-grilled (and a bit cold as if placed at room temperature for a while). These set of skewers seem to be pre-grilled, possibly due the busy hour and that these items are popular items.

(4) Grilled Tofu
How I wish we did not order this dish! It was very dry and if it was grilled for a bit longer, it might turn into bean curd. I am used to grilled tofu or fried tofu to be crispy on the outside and very soft in the inside. Maybe it was the way it was but I personally did not enjoy it at all.

(5) Ginger Beef with Fried Rice in Hot Stone Pot
This dish I liked very much. The ginger mixed very well with the sliced beef in terms of flavors and when you mix them while the stone pot was still hot, the savoring smell would just make you very hungry.

(6) Kimchi Pork with Fried Rice in Hot Stone Pot
Another nice dish but the kimchi flavor was a bit weak. It the kimchi used was a bit more spicy, it would have been way better. I guess tonight was not a good night to go on a low crab diet with all the tasty stone pot rice.

  • Hot Stone Pot Rice
  • Service remains great
  • Inconsistency of food quality (Omelet and Robatayaki Selection)
Avg Spending: HKD 200 - 300 per person

Previous visit date: 22 Jul 2009

The Yuu
4/F, Prosperous Centre,
1 Knutsford Terrace, TST
Tel: 2366 2999

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