Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kiku Fine Japanese Cuisine 賀菊

Based on my knowledge, Kiku has been around for many years at the same location. It has undergone several renovations to keep up with the market trend as well. On such a rainy day, without the urge to search around for food, I booked a table here for lunch with two friends working nearby. I arrived around 1pm and once you entered the main dining area, the first thing you realize was the amount of loud noises. I think the excessive use of stones and sound-reflective building materials are worsening the echo effect. Fortunately, we were assigned a table inside a private dining room away from the crowds.

(1) Hot Pot Noodles (with inaniwa udon) 鍋燒麵
My friend order this but I did not try any so cannot really comment on it. However, it looked delicious and my friend finished the whole thing. The use of raw beef was another nice touch.

(2) Noodles with Beef (with inaniwa udon) 牛肉麵
Sometimes the more simple the dish is, the better the experience. A simple bowl of beef noodles is a good example in my opinion. Again my other friend ordered this set and I can see how he enjoyed it from his facial expression even after a long and tiring morning work session.

(3) Cold udon with pan-fried chicken steak and sesame sauce 香煎雞排芝麻醬冷烏
As for me, I ordered something more interesting. On top of the udon, those are shredded cucumber with sesame sauce. A very refreshing item to start off with. The udon was very chewy which was very good !! Together with the lightly flavored sesame sauce, it was a great combination. As for the chicken steak, it was fair but honestly I would enjoy the set equally much without it.

  • Cold Udon
  • Nice Decor
  • Noisy main dining area
  • Infrequent staff visit in the private dining room
Budget: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Kiku Fine Japanese Cuisine
B/F, The Landmark,
16 Des Voeux Road Central
Tel: 2521 3344

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