Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brunch Club @ CWB (Revisted)

There are only a few things in life worth a second try, and for me, one of the very few turns out to be food. After my previous experience at the Brunch Club @ CWB, I decided to give it another try because (1) there is just a lack of other options for similar brunch in Hong Kong and (2) I do have high hopes for this franchise so I do hope there would be some improvement in all aspects of things. However, the booking management remains a chaos! I booked my table near the window 5 days in advance but I was assigned one at the very end of the dining hall. Of course I objected so I waited for one at least CLOSER to the window. Why am I so keen on the windows seat? It was because during my last visit, we were refused of those seats due to prior booking so why can't we book it accordingly? Anyhow, to solve this booking chaos, I serious think that they should just forget about the booking system and apply the first come first serve rule!

(Added 19 September 2009 - Finally, starting 26 September 2009, no more booking service is available, it will be on a first come first served & full parties basis)

O yes, later in the evening while chilling out at Pacific Coffee, I came across a restaurant review on this place from the current issue of Time Out Hong Kong Magazine and the following description caught my undivided attention:

... the truly best thing about brunch is not being in a rush, instead you’re free to lounge around, read the newspaper, and catch up on gossip ... [and] if you’ve approached brunch in the correct manner – several hours should have passed since your arrival. - Time Out Hong Kong

I really cannot stop myself from laughing after reading the above passage because such scenario just can't happen, maybe possible on a weekday, but not possible on a lovely Sunday afternoon when brunch is supposed to be enjoyed. We were constantly being rushed to finish and each table seem to have a time limit (and the lime limit depends on what time you arrive and when the next booking for your specific table is scheduled!) Don't even talk about reading a book, I doubt one would have enough time to complete the first few sections of the Sunday paper! Maybe the reviewer from Time Out Hong Kong got some special treatments or arrived at 4pm (we arrived at 1:30pm which I think was a common brunch time), but I certainly was not allowed to enjoy such a brunch in the correct manner for my two visits so far. Anyhow, time to get back to the food aspect of my visit.

(1) Omelettes (Egg White w/ Tomato, Onion & Mushrooms)
I tried a bit of this omelette and it was decent (compared with the Spanish omelette I ordered). The ingredients were all tugged inside the omelette and the egg white was not overcooked. Flavors of the mushrooms blended well with the egg white and onion as well. A fair dish but one with a very oily harsh brown (see next item).

(2) Omelettes (Spanish)
Spanish omelettes consist of bell peppers, onions & tomatoes. From the look of dish it looked alright but once you cut it open, problems start to flood out, literally. It was watery not just because the eggs were not properly cooked, it was also the mixture of ingredients that seem to be generating a lot of moisture making the omeletts so watery! I rather eat it with a spoon! Another issue I have with this dish was the way how the ingredients were prepared. They were sliced instead of being diced into small cubes. That is usual way to do prepare it if I am correct. (unless it is a baked Spanish Omelettes then it would be different I guess) Disappointing ! o yes, did I mention that the harsh brown was floating? yes, floating on top of a pool of yellowish liquid I like to call OIL or GREASE if you like. Ask for a paper towel to soak up the oil if you like.

(3) Two eggs and two toppings on toast
This item was basically a pick your own items kind of dish and it looked pretty nice. I did not try any but it did not look greasy or watery at all.

(4) Pancakes
Just from the look of it, one thing for sure was that the pancakes were made from those machines instead of free-hand pan-fried. The pancakes were alright while still hot but more syrup would be nice. Not a big fan of pancakes but I still prefer the bigger IHOP style pancakes than these mini-pancakes.

  • Omelettes (Egg White w/ Tomato, Onion & Mushrooms) - it was alright compared with other items
  • I guess the decor and environment are still a plus for this place (but honestly, more and more disappointments are driving me away from this place - maybe there some meals not worth a second attempt? hmmm)
  • Booking management remains a chaos!
  • Omelettes (Spanish) - watery ! and ingredients were sliced instead of diced.
  • Harsh Brown - happily floating on a pool of oil on my dish ...
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

(Added 19 September 2009 - Finally, starting 26 September 2009, no more booking service is available, it will be on a first come first served & full parties basis)

Brunch Club and Supper
1/F, 13 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2890 2125

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