Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fu Sing 富聲

It was 8pm on a Sunday night and it was so crowded! Being crowded was a good thing but it was overly crowded in my opinion. Just look at the picture, there were more tables then they can fit in the dining room. They sacrificed walking space to fit as many tables as possible, causing serious uncomfortableness to me and many others guests I am sure. I can hear the entire dinner conversations of the family sitting next to me, shoulder to shoulder distance.

Anyhow, after weeks of talking about this place, I can finally come here for dinner. Their food quality is very consistent even during busy hours but other than that, I can only "sigh" ... read on and you will understand. Note: I post the dishes below in the exact order being served.

(1) Pan-fried Bean Curd
Yes, the first dish was not the soup but this pan-fried bean curd. It was alright but without the clear sauce, the bean curd itself was rather tasteless. In any case, this being the first dish being served was not a good start indeed not matter how good it was.

(2) BBQ Pork 和哥义燒
The BBQ pork came almost 10 mins after we have finished the bean curd. It was just plain BBQ Pork and it took them that long to bring it out. This dish is one of the famous items at this place and again the quality was consistent. Although some pieces were too lean, they were still relatively tender. Thumbs up.

(3) Chinese Lettuce with Home-made shrimp paste in hot pot 蝦醬生菜煲
Another famous dish and standard item to order. This time it was too heavy on the shrimp paste but still very good indeed. Compared with the same dish from Victoria City, I prefer the one here because the flavor is generally slightly richer to my liking. The lettuce was crisp and remained every dry throughout the whole time. Very good.

(4) Daily Soup
Almost an hour has passed before the daily soup finally arrived. The worst thing was that it was relatively cool as in already in room temperature! I wonder if it had been waiting on the waiting table for the past 20 mins or so! Why was the soup so orange? I asked several staff and their answer was that it was the carrots that procedured such orange color. humm ... I guess the only possibility was the mixture of grinded carrots.

(5) Braised OX tail in Red Wine 紅酒炆牛尾
This dish is a Michelin starred item. It was indeed very well done. The meat was very tender with rich and thick sauce that complimented each other very well. I like the sticky element of the sauce and of the meat, which meant it has been braised for a long while for those "gluten" texture to come out. Thumbs up! (but again, the serving order was a bit in chaos!)

(6) Crispy Chicken in Salty 脆皮燒雞 (yes, the Salty is placed at the end in the menu)
Another consistent dish from them. Skin very crisp and meat very tender even for the breast area. It came with some sauce but I like it the way it was because the flavor was sufficient already.

(7) Fried Crystal Noodle 干燒粉絲煲
This is another famous item and a must order. I love this dish very much! It is extremely difficult to cook crystal noodles and to make it dry is even harder! They did a very good job here every time and the flavors were just right. One of the main ingredients that gave this dish such a delightful flavors is the coriander. If you heart coriander, you will heart this dish as well! To thumbs up !

  • Fried Crystal Noodle 干燒粉絲煲 - wonderfully prepared! Dry and tasty!
  • Braised OX tail in Red Wine 紅酒炆牛尾 - tender meat and rich sauce which complimented each other especially the sticky / "gluten" texture.
  • Chinese Lettuce with Home-made shrimp paste in hot pot 蝦醬生菜煲 - very consistent quality every time, very dry and crisp !
  • Overly crowded (+ noisy)
  • Bad kitchen / service management (they should want Hell's Kitchen to learn something from it)
Avg Spending: HKD 200 - 300 per person

Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant 富聲魚翅海鮮酒家
1/F, Sunshine Plaza,
No. 353 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
Tel: 2893 0881


Anonymous said...

I love Fu Sing, and ate everything you've blogged on... Did you try their fried rice? SUPER YUMM!

Jason said...

oooh, I don't think I tried their fried rice yet. Great! I have another excuse to pay them a visit sooon ... woohoo!

The Fried Crystal Noodle 干燒粉絲煲 was surprisingly good (to the point of being addictive! ... plus I am a fan of Crystal Noodles 粉絲)

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