Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hanagushi Yakitori 花串

After our happy hour dessert at Sift, it was time for something light! Japanese was the best choice in my opinion. It has been a while since I last had a meal here and my previous two visits were for lunch so I was up for some surprises tonight. The entrance of the place is hiding to the right of the staircase on the first floor and once you entered, expect to be greeted by waiting staff very soon after.

As soon as you turn open the menu, you would soon realize that this place specializes in yakitori. However, since we were here for something light , we opted for less meaty dishes. With the wide selection of items on the menu, I had to order a beer to calm myself down. Yeah, I know, just an excuse, but a darn good excuse right?

(1) Daily Special Fish Soup
The staff highly recommended it when we were ordering and I am glad we trusted her. It was very well prepared with very rich and fresh fish taste in every spoonful. The milky color of the soup was definitely a result of long cooking / preparation time and not of coloring in my opinion. There was a piece of tofu sitting at the bottom of the bowl and it complimented the smoothness of the tofu as well as the silky smooth texture of the soup! Two thumbs up! The only negative thing is that it is a daily special item so try your luck next time.

(2) Yellowtail Sushi
Among the many choices of fish, I selected yellowtail not because I heart this fish in particular but because the staff mentioned about having a daily special of Grilled Yellowtail Head. Daily special usually translate to freshly arrived items with a marked up price tag, so I assumed that yellowtail sushi would be from portion of the freshly arrived fish as well. Not certain if my logic was right but that was exactly what I was thinking when placing the order. However, it was a fair dish only; it was relative fresh in the sense that it likely arrived in the early afternoon or even in the morning kind of fresh. Maybe my logic needs some tweaking ... humm ... (whatever that means ... )

(3) Deep Fried Soft Bean Curd (Agedashi Tofu)
Another favourite dish of mine in any Japanese restaurants. The fried tofu was fair with a light batter on the outer layer and a very soft interior. What I really liked about this dish being served was the sauce and the generous portion of garnishes especially the thinly sliced dried bonito fish flakes. Not bad at all.

(4) Grilled Cod Fish SAKYO Style
The size of the grilled cod provided a very heavy dose of Omega 3 for me! Although it was huge, I finished all of it because it was good. The sauce used was not as rich and strong as I hoped. It was unfortunate that we were there for a light menu so did not order any rice. I could have consumed two bowls of rice with this single dish! Yummy!

(5) Udon soup with Tempura
The udon was not chewy at all and the tempura batter was rather "hard" because it was slightly overcooked in my opinion. Nothing surprising from this bowl of noodle except for the soup which was rather comforting to consume because it was slightly sweet (and hot) but not overly strong with the soy sauce flavor.

  • Fish Soup - very good ! Strong and Rich in fish taste
  • Grilled Cod
  • Agedashi Tofu - love the dried Bonito flakes
  • Udon - too soft
  • Yellowtail sushi - not as fresh as I hoped due to my faulted logic
Avg Spending: HKD 300 - 500 per person

Hanagushi Yakitori Japanese Restaurant 花串日本料理
1/F., Ho Lee Commercial Bldg.,
17-22 Lan Kwai Fong , Central
Tel: 2521 0868

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