Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Flying Pan @ SoHo

It was 11pm and after having several rounds of drinks at the M Bar as part of our Happy Hour session, it was time for something to eat. At this hour, many places were closed so that left us with only a few choices in the area. My last visit to this place was about 2 years ago and it was about them to pay them a visit. I could not help but to compare this place with the Brunch Club because of their All Day Breakfast; however, they are of different style in my opinion. Flying Pan is more American Neighborhood Diner style while the Brunch Club upscale Beverly Hills joint. The Flying Pan reminds me of Denny's in the US and Canada.

Although it was 11pm, I did not have any coffee the whole day, just a cup of Hot Chocolate from La Maison du Chocolat earlier the evening so I ordered the bottomless coffee! The coffee was very weak but I had no expectation to begin with so I was okay with it and since it was late anyhow, a weak coffee would be good. I just needed the coffee to complete the whole all day breakfast experience.

(1) Eggs Oscar w/ Shrimps & Asparagus
When it comes to egg Benedict, I would usually order smoke salmon but tonight I felt like having something different. I am glad I ordered this instead because it was very nice. The use of shrimps and asparagus were new to me especially in a egg Benedict but since I am in love with both ingredients, I found it to be a nice match. Although the hollandaise sauce was rather too rich and thick, I was happy with it because I come here to get the comfort food feeling and this kind of cuisine is suppose to be rich in flavors and slightly filling or possibly relatively greasy in my opinion. And by the way, the poached eggs were surprising well prepared without overcooking the egg yolk. (almost forgot to mention: while the poached eggs were good, the English muffin was ROCK SOLID!! ... rather disappointing)

(2) The Flying Pan
My friend ordered the Flying Pan which resembled an English Breakfast only lacking a few items like the baked beans. I did not try any but it looked very "comfort-ing" indeed especially the bacon !

(3) Ultimate
This waffle dish was pretty heavy on the cream but I was not ready for dessert since I was still having my egg Benedict for breakfast! Ice cream / dessert shall come later, the night was still young! (or was it? I am getting tired already, a sign of aging!)

  • neighborhood diner style decor
  • a place to get some comfort food (looking more for the whole dining experience than the actual food quality in my opinion)
  • really weak bottomless coffee
  • it is rather greasy, beware for those on diet ...
  • rock solid English muffin!
Avg Spending: Around HKD 100 per person

The Flying Pan

G/F, 9 Old Bailey Street,
Soho, Central
Tel: 2140 6333


Jin said...

You are so right about coming here for that Denny's or IHOP experience, and not really for the food itself. Having tried 4-5 different dishes here, I find that the only thing I really like about this place is their cooked apples side dish.

Jason said...

o o o, I never really tried their cooked apples side dish, I should give it a try next time, likely in the middle of the night .... hahaha ....

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