Sunday, August 2, 2009

Brunch Club @ CWB

Having been to the Brunch Club @ Soho, I can't help myself but go try out the Brunch Club CWB outlet. It was located on the second floor and leading up to it is a long stairways of what I like to call "lofty" style. Even the interior of the restaurant gives you that lofty feeling especially its walls which are half torn showing the red bricks underneath. (Well, I think those red bricks are planted there intentionally to give that lofty atmosphere because bricks are not common building materials in Hong Kong) I really like this environment especially on a Sunday afternoon. The atmosphere of a place is equally important as the quality of the food in my opinion.

This outlet is definitely bigger and more comfortable than the Soho one. Tables are more spacious and there is a swing chair of some sort at the rear end of the restaurant. We arrived there around 12:30pm and it was about half full. Although there were plenty of empty seats around, we were surprised to find that many were under reservation and many of the seats required us to leave before certain time. What I found most interesting was that among the other available non-window seats, someone actually made a specific reservation for the specific table which is beside a cement column? humm ... so whoever made this specific reservation will not even take an available windows seats but instead the cement column table? O well, who am I to judge, I was just surprised why we were asked to finish at a certain time when there were at least 3 tables available even for walk-in customers. Anyhow, I guess I will book in advance next time for a nice Sunday brunch.

(1) Eggs Benedict (smoked Salmon)
Since I ordered Mix Grill last time at the Soho outlet, I decided to order something new to try. The portion was rather generous and it came with a harsh brown and some salad on the side. Poached eggs were well prepared with plenty of liquid yoke remained inside. Timing is very important for poached eggs and I think they did a pretty good job with it. As for the hollandaise, while it was creamy, it was rather light in flavors. Overall a fair dish indeed. Another thing I almost forgot to add, the harsh brown was a bit too chunky and hard which was likely a result of being over-fried / overcooked in my opinion.

(2) Hong Kong Dog Rescue Sandwich
What an interesting name for a dish. It consisted of Avocado, Norwegian Smoked Salmon, cucumbers and mayo on homemade herb focaccia. Even with the dish in front of me, I was still confused as to why it was named as such. It basically looked just like any other focaccia sandwich.

(3) Chocolate and Banana Crepes
What would be better than to have some sweets after a meal. My friend ordered this chocolate and banana crepes but we were both shocked when it was served. Shock might be too strong a word but the presentation of the crepes was definitely not what we were expecting. All the chocolate and banana slices were on top of the crepes instead of inside. The only reason I can think of is because of the lesser time and effort required to do it this way. Such presentation and method of preparation reminds me of Superman ... with his red underwear outside his tights! Almost forgot to mention that the crepes was rather thick as well. Definitely not their best dessert and I do hope I am right too. Disappointing.

(4) Strawberries French Toast with Yogurt
I ordered something different, something I now hope I did not order. The diced strawberries, the strawberry sauce and the plain yogurt were very Sour, Sour and Sour respectively. Basically the whole dessert was very citrus, too citrus in my opinion. I really don't know how else I can describe it.

  • Decor / Atmosphere
  • Eggs Benedict (smoked Salmon)

  • Overly citrus Strawberries French Toast with Yogurt
  • Rather noisy when full (around 1:30pm)
  • Interesting booking / reservation arrangement.
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

(Added 19 September 2009 - Finally, starting 26 September 2009, no more booking service is available, it will be on a first come first served & full parties basis)

Brunch Club and Supper
1/F, 13 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2890 2125


Melissa said...

the banana crepe comment was hilarious LOL!!!!!

Greentea00 said...

sucks and so disappointed of this..i rather go to their old central one or Flying Pan.

Jason said...

o o o what happened?! the food or the service? or both?! ... the service really needs much improvement. If you tried their desserts, then I know why you are so disappointed because they are ! haha ...

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