Friday, August 7, 2009

Le Velo the baker

I am really not in the mood for heavy or fancy meals these past few days. Maybe it is due to my monthly mood swing. I really have no idea. My friend asked me out for lunch today and she suggested something quick and light which I was more than happy to have. The place is very down-to-earth with a dozen or some tables. It looks more like a fast food joint than a bakery in my opinion.

My friend suggested me to have one of her favorites, which is the Apple Brie Cheese Walnut on Rye. Since I was not in the mood to think at all, I ordered the same thing. That was all I ordered. The first thing I realized was that the Rye was not what I expected. I thought it should be hard, very hard, but the bread used here was rather soft. Not the type of Rye bread I am used to. The combination of roasted walnut, sliced granny apples and sliced brie cheese was rather refreshing in my opinion. Such a combination is not for everyone, especially the brie cheese flavor. I like brie cheese and stronger the flavor the better. The type used here was not the strong type but good enough because otherwise it will overtake the flavors of the walnuts and apples. Also, the eating experience or sensation was interesting because in every bite, you will get chunk of the walnut in your mouth.

  • Refreshing combination of ingredients
  • can be very crowded
  • Rye bread was not the hard type
Budget: Below HKD 100 per person

Le Velo the baker
G/F, Beautiful Group Tower
74 - 77 Connaught Road Central
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 3118 2895

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