Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sift @ SoHo

I love chocolates very much but I never really believe the so-called belief or myth about how it can cure depression or unhappiness, maybe because I consider myself to be a fairly cheerful person in general most of the time so it never really works on me. What I do believe in is that sweets can put a smile on one's face and I am in need of one. Instead of going for Happy Hour drinks, my friend and I decided to head for some sweets at Sift.

We arrived around 6:30pm and we were the only customers, perfect!! Throughout our stay, we had the rare opportunity to be surrounded by the savoring scents of various desserts and sauces because the staff were busy preparing different items for the after dinner crowds.

(1) Sift Chocolate Cake
Very well done indeed. The mousse-like outer layer with the chocolate fudge cake inside were rich in flavor but not too strong at all. Together with the praline crunch / flakes, the cake combined 3 different textures in every bite. Soft layer, harder fudge cake base and the crunchy flakes, very good indeed. Two thumbs up! The long lost smile was on my face for a short period of time, a moment to treasure indeed.

(2) House Coffee
Coffee from a French press is supposed to be stronger already based on the way it is prepared and served; however the coffee served was very light and weak. It was actually at a bit watery in my opinion. Very disappointing coffee. The only nice touch from this order was the milk which was served warmed. I like my coffee black with some brown sugar but I still think the warmed milk was worth a note.

(3) Sticky Toffee Pudding
The presentation was very nice. Honestly, the so-called pudding was not how I imagined it, it looked more like a sliced loaf of cake. I guess there isn't a defined way of how a pudding should be made as long as it is rich in flavor and high in starch! With that definition in mind the rich toffee sauce together with the warmed pudding tasted very good to my surprise. With a bit of banana ice cream, the texture, flavor and contrast in temperature actually complimented each other very well. Another two thumbs up plus a little smile on my face.

Guess what! Sift has it own blog !!!
Check it out ... http://siftdesserts.blogspot.com/

  • Great Ambiance (when we were the only table that is)
  • Sift Chocolate Cake
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • Weak Coffee - disappointing
Avg Spending: Around HKD 100 per person

G/F, 46 Graham Street,
Soho, Central
Tel: 2530 4288
Website: http://www.siftdesserts.com/
Blog: http://siftdesserts.blogspot.com/

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Jin said...

Their chocolate cake IS good! I quite enjoyed their strawberry pavlova, too. That toffee pudding looks sinful! Will definitely order that next time.

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