Monday, August 3, 2009

798 Unit & Co

I can't recall the last time I was here, maybe over a year ago or so. All I remembered was that I have not been back ever since for various reasons. Tonight, two friends and I decided to pay this place a visit. The decor of this restaurant (which applies to its TST outlet as well) carries a French Bistro style with a very soft and mild ambiance. The tile floor along with chalk board menu adds an extra touch of the authenticity to the whole atmosphere. What I found interesting was the choice of songs playing in the background. For example, 98 Degrees and Backstreet Boys ! These songs certain brought back some memories indeed.

(1) Salad of smoked trout, brie, mango & baby greens
A very refreshing salad especially with the diced mango on top. The tofu like rectangular looking thing was the brie and in terms of texture and flavors, it was rather ... humm ... interesting when eating it together with the mango. The same applies when eating the mango with the smoked trout. In my opinion, there was too much of a contrast in flavors when eating the so-called main ingredients together.

(2) Manila Clams
(in white wines, cream & parley sauce) The sauce was great, not too creamy and very rich in flavor. A lot of places tend to pour too much white wine during the making of the sauce, causing it overly strong with the wine flavor. Thumbs up on the sauce. However, the clams were a bit disappointing for me. For the few that I tried, they were not very fresh based on my experiences with seafood, both raw and cooked.

(3) Baked Portobella mushroom
Contrary to my expectation, nothing special about this dish. The flavor of the mushroom was a bit too salty and texture wise it very dry; definitely over-baked. Thumbs down. Very disappointing.

(4) Slow-baked oxtail risotto
Flavors were rich and it was great. The shredded oxtail were soft and tender. However, the risotto was overcooked. While it was creamy, the texture of the rice was too soft and lacked the chewy texture to it. Also, it was slightly too salty.

(5) Oven Roasted Long Bone Beef Short Ribs
Wow. When it was served, we all shouted "wow" together because it was huge! It was close to 48oz at least. Now I know why the words "Long Bone" were there on the menu. What a Ironic name tough, Long Bone ... Short Ribs ! Good that we were sharing this otherwise there was just no ways any one of us can finish it. We ordered it medium and medium it was. It was well roasted and the salt & spices were applied very evenly as well. Even the outer layer of the short ribs remained relatively tender after being roasted for a while. A well prepared dish and we all enjoyed it very much. A note of caution, in order to cut through this short ribs, prepare to use a lot of energy because I think it took me more effort than to cut a turkey!

(6) French Fries
Fries were freshly prepared and it came in a tin can similar to the Press Room. It came with ketchup and some gravy which was a nice touch. If they can be lighter on the salt it would be even better. I liked it but not as much as those from the Press Room. I personally prefer thinner fries. Potato wedge, on the other hand, is another story because I don't consider them fries. Wedges are Wedges !

(7) Mango-passion fruit & coconut trifle
An interesting dessert with Honey-Lemongrass sorbet on top. I really liked the sorbet because I like lemongrass and the sorbet has a very rich flavor of it as well. The jello-like texture of the orange and white layers were of mango and passion fruits flavors respectively. I could not really taste the coconut, likely due to the rich mango flavor. Together with the honey lemongrass sorbet, it was a very refreshing dessert on such a hot summer night.

(8) Creme brulee
It was surprisingly well prepared. Not too rich with the vanilla flavor and not too thick / creamy with its texture. The caramelized layer on top was evenly done and was crisp through out the whole dish. Not bad at all.

  • Decor / Atmosphere
  • Oven Roasted Long Bone Beef Short Ribs - HUGE but Delicious !
  • Salad of smoked trout, brie, mango & baby greens (the contrast in flavors was rather too great for me)
  • Slow-baked oxtail risotto (a bit too salty and overcooked risotto)
  • Baked Portobella mushroom (too dry and salty again)
Avg Spending: HKD 200 - 300 per person

798 Unit & Co
Shop 1203, 12/F, Food Forum, Times Square,
1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2506 0611


Melissa said...

more dislikes than likes! But the food still looks real good. I'm hungry now...

Melissa said...

CREME Brulee!!!

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