Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kanoka Udon 香之香讚歧烏冬

It is true. It's true that sometimes a meal is more than just a meal, it comes with history and memories. The layout and decor of this relatively new restaurant reminded me of the wonderful moments I had in Japan back in the winter of 2001. Those were the memories to be treasured. Unfortunately, my sense of happiness ended as soon as I sat down.

This place has a local / neighborhood restaurant feel to its decor with diners sitting along the side of the long table and a long service aisle in the middle. I was assigned at the very end of the long table close to the serving window next to the kitchen. I overheard the the staff talking about the many missing orders they have but I did not really pay attention to the issue until it happened to me. Another restaurant management chaos ! (Keep reading for details)

(1) Oden
The various Oden selections were to be ordered in a per item basis so I ordered some of my favorites such as Stewed Fish Cake, Konnyaku (the black thing), Stewed Egg, Chikuiwa Roll and Fish cake with Burdock. Before I go into the quality of this dish, o my ... first, the oden arrived without the soup, then I called him back for the missing soup. He acted without being surprised that he forgot to pour the soup. When he returned with the soup inside, I realized he missed an item, the Konnyaku! Of course I called him back once again to inform him about the missing item. He simply nodded and slowly walk back to the oden stove with his head held high up as if he is having a personal moment out there in space, outer space ! Wake up dude !!! THREE separate trips for a bowl of Oden with just 5 items!!!!! SIGH ... Now as for the food quality, the soup was COLD and weak in flavors! okay, fine ... room temperature but still not acceptable at all. I don't even want to go into the quality of the individual items because all of them seemed to be over-stewed or simply being left in the soup since early afternoon. I also overheard the diners beside me that they had to remain the staff 3 times for a glass of orange juice. Maybe 3 times is the charm and that is the magic number.

(2) Kamaage Udon (Cold)
Alright, the Udon was not bad, pretty chewy but the dipping sauce was disappointing. It was very weak in flavors.

  • Decor and Atmosphere
  • Service, Service & Service (not a very good first impression, not sure if I should give it another chance or not ... )
  • Oden - room temperature soup (I considered it COLD)
  • Inexperienced staff.
Avg Spending: Around HKD 100 per person

Kanaka Udon Restaurant
Shop 116, 1/F, Site 8,
Wonderful Worlds Of Whampoa,
7 Tak On Street, Hung Hom
Tel: 2954 1886

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Jin said...

Sorry to hear about your bad experience here, but this post is just too funny not to enjoy reading about! Haha! :P

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