Sunday, July 12, 2009

Red Bar and Restaurant

After my Sunday brunch at the Brunch Club, my friend and I head to Red Bar and Restaurant at the IFC Podium level hoping to spend the afternoon reading and relaxing under the sun. IFC's Podium area actually does not belong to the restaurant but is a public area whereby you can buy MacDonald's or Starbucks here to enjoy if you wish to (I think at least most part of the podium platform near Red). In order to take advantage of the such nice environment, Red offers an open bar style kiosk for those who want snacks, beers or wine. They even offer sunglasses for rent and sun screen lotion if you require any because there can quite a bit of sunshine here on a lovely day with a clear sky like today (contrary to what the Hong Kong Observatory forecast-ed).

It was really a nice day indeed with the clear sky and sunshine! A few years ago, I don't think I would value such a moment whereby I can just sit under the sun on a Sunday afternoon and read. Of course a few drinks would be nice to go along with it. I am really surprised that this area is actually public area and those chairs, tables and long benches are all free for taking. While everyone seems to take the seats under the shade, my friend and I took the the beach like bench directly under the sun ! I order a beer from the bar and literally laid down to enjoy the sun while read my book (an interesting book by the way). This beer I ordered turns out to be Belgian brand of Abbey beer called Leffe, which is an Ales. Not bad at all, but I think it is better to be enjoyed indoors during summer or when the sun is not directly warming the beer like it was doing this lovely afternoon.

I took the picture on the left while taking a break from my reading due to the even so strong sun light. Within the busy commercial area like Central, I was once again amazed there is such a place for the public. My original plan was to go to Discovery Bay to relax under the sun, but IFC's podium is certainly an excellent alternative when the weather is good.

Red Bar and Restaurant

4/F, IFC Mall
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 8129 8882


Lola said...

OOOh.. Leffe + sunshine is a sure fire way to need a snooze ;-) Strong beer that one!
My friends have taken to bringing their own wine to Red on Friday evenings... slightly embarrassing, but actually quite sensible. Given the lack of table service and the fact that the tables don't belong to RED, what are you actually paying for when you order your $500 bottle of sauv blanc?

Jason said...

Hope your jet lag is almost over!

You are right and I don't think it is that embarrassing at all because the only thing a $500 bottle of sauv blanc is getting you is the use of their bathroom facility. There is one just downstairs not too far away. I am perfectly fine with a little walking which might be a good thing after a few glasses of wine!

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