Saturday, July 4, 2009

French Fries Anyone?

No matter how much you hate to eat fast food, I am sure it is something you would eat at least once or twice a year; for me, maybe once a month. I know it is not the most delicious or healthy food out there, but neither are most comfort food as well. The focus of this entry is on French Fries from MacDonald's and Burger King. There are other places with great fries as well, like the Press Room; but that place is not within the fast food category so maybe I will do a review later on that.

I like fries, I love to eat them with a lot of ketchup. I love fries from both MacDonald's and Burger King although they are slightly different in the way they are prepared. What are the differences? Well, let me point out one common characteristic between the two; they are both very ADDICTIVE !

The first obvious difference is the amount of salt used. MacDonald's uses a lot more salt than Burger King's in my opinion. Sometimes it depends on the outlet and the staff handling the fries department, but MacDonald's tends to be very generous in this area. Sometimes the excessive salt made me a victim of dehydration. Nonetheless, I think the salt contributed to the addictiveness of their fries.

Also, the freshly made fries from MacDonald's tend to have a consistent texture all around while Burger King's tend to be harder around the edges. You might find it to be more "chewy" compared with MacDonald's.

If you chew slowly (which I cannot), you will find that MacDonald's fries seem to have less potatoes than Burger King's; hence less filling. Perhaps you can eat more this way? One last thing I notice is that Burger King's fries last longer than MacDonald's in becoming soaky! An important difference if you ask me. Despite their difference, I enjoy fries from both franchises.

Anyhow, enough is enough, I think I had more than enough fries for today ....


KC said...

我想說的是L'Altelier de Joel Robuchon的炸薯條,好好食,另外Harlans的都很好。

Jason said...

o o o thanks KC for your information. Now I know where to try my French fries now !! ... haha ...

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