Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gourmet Burger Union

I am usually not very harsh when reviewing restaurant, but this might be the first one to break that rule. Dropped by this place while in search for nice burger for lunch but I should have been less lazy and continue walking up to the SoHo area to find another one. First thing I noticed was that the menu was rather confusing, with words all over the wall / board. On the left was a bunch of individual items / ingredients to select from and on the right was a list of pre-set burgers. This place is promoting the "build your own burgers" concept hence the large selection. I was not sure where to start and stood there for over a minute until someone came over to help me. I ended up picking the (1) Jimmy the Greek value combo which comes with fries and a can of Cheery Coke (imported directly from the US for sure).

This place is more like a fast food burger joint with two dozen or so stools around some bar tables. The kitchen area was of open style hence the greasy smell you would definitely carry with you when you leave. I arrived around 1pm (peak lunch hour) but there were only 5 customers and over 7 or 8 staff in total (including the cooks).

(1) Jimmy the Greek
The main condiments under the bun were grilled peppers, cheese, black olives and hummus. Alright, where should I start. The bun was cold, the beef was definitely overcooked even when the menu said medium was the standard, the sauce was overly sour for some reasons and the fries were stale! Did I mention the beef was very dry as well? Maybe I picked an interesting style to try but the bun and beef should not be cold and dry respectively.

Its key slogan is "build your own burger," and I think they are right about that or at least trying to tell me something: I should make my own burger at home!

  • Not busy even during peak lunch hour (is it a good thing indeed?)
  • Cold Bun
  • Dry Beef
  • Stale Fries

Gourmet Burger Union

1/F, Cheung Fai Building,
45-47 Cochrane Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2581-0521


Anonymous said...

Always wondered what this place is like - thanks for the review.... One to miss, I think!

Jason said...

@Lola: Can't imagine how I missed this comment from you! Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, there are many burger joints around town and this one is not on the top of my list! I rather pay a bit more to try BLT Burger or a simple Triple O's would be good enough. I am tempted to give this place a second chance in the near future, perhaps they improved, finger crossed!

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