Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Homemade Cupcakes !!

Of course I did not make any of these cupcakes, I am not capable of making them YET but I can always learn. My friend made the following wonderfully decorated and delicious cupcakes in celebration for our friend's new born son. Take a closer look at the toppings which were made of icing and the details of the individual items like the blanket, the pair of baby shoes and the ducky. They were all hand crafted !! I personally like it better than those from CoCo earlier. My friend used lemon custard for the filling and the flavor was not too rich and the cupcake itself was very soft enough for me to say: humm ...yummy !

That was not all, she made a different set of chocolate cake and cupcakes for our other friend's birthday. Once again those decorations were hand crafted and I did not want to eat any of them because those were crafted carefully with her time and efforts! Compared with the lemon filling one before, this one was richly flavored but the buttery cream on top balanced the richness very well. Texture wise it was harder than the lemon one which I enjoyed very much as well. I better place my "order" for MY birthday cupcakes as soon as possible!

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