Sunday, July 19, 2009

CoCo @ The Mira

It was my second time here and same as the first, I was here for their cupcakes. It is very natural for people to compare the cupcakes here with Sift's but since I am yet to try Sift, it is really hard for me to do a comparison. What I can do is a simple comparison between my previous visit with this one. First of all, a lot of advertisement have been done for this small cake shops in various food magazines in Hong Kong recently but it is rather hard to attract a great crowd in my opinion because of the limited space and seats available. The outlet is basically in the corner of lobby with only a few stools around a high circular table. Not an idea place to spend the afternoon or even a chit chat session especially when there are people constantly walking around the lobby and coming in/out to the lobby restaurant Yamm located right across from the food counter.

(1) Black Pearl Cupcakes (Chocolate and Black Sesame)
Unlike traditional / American style cupcakes, the toppings were made of buttery cream instead of sugar icing. I personally prefer the sugar icing but it was alright the way they did it. However, the cupcake itself seemed a bit hard to me and too chilled for some reasons. It was slightly better the last time I was here. I did like the inner fillings of the cupcake which consisted of some crunchy chocolate waffle pieces.

(2) Mango Margarita Cupcakes
Nothing special about this cupcake. The same buttery cream was used instead of icing. Most of the flavors were within the cream; but rather light in my opinion. Diced mangoes were fresh and sweet but the cupcake itself was again too hard and overly chilled. Disappointing indeed. I think it is time for me to give Sift and Antique a try and do a comparison among them.

  • nice toppings decoration for the cupcakes
  • tentative service (well, not many tables or seating to serve anyhow)
  • Lack of proper seats
  • Noisy, right at the middle of the lobby
  • overly hard cupcakes

Lobby level, The Mira,
118 Nathan Road, TST
Tel: 2315 5566

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