Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Noodle House Ippei-An 麵屋一平安

I am fan of Japanese ramen and I have been in search for great ramen in Hong Kong for a while; however, quality varies by a large margin based on experiences. Noodle House Ippei-An at the Miramar Shopping Centre @ TST is (or should I say used to be) one of my favorite ramen locations. Maybe it is just a coincident but ever since it opened its franchise at the Elements, the quality is no longer being maintained. Let me explain in more details.

(1) Baked Eggs 日式煎蛋
I think the name of this dish has been translated incorrectly but anyhow as long as it resembles Japanese pan-fried tamago or tamagoyaki, I would order it. However, it wasn't the quality I was looking for. It was fresh and soft but that was it. Not particularly sweet and it lacked the burn pattern / mark on the surface. Maybe that's why the dish name is not what it is called usually, which is tamagoyaki; but instead simply called baked eggs. (but why pan-fried eggs 煎蛋 in Chinese?)

(2) Higomonzu Ramen 特製什棉豬骨湯拉麵
The first thing I noticed was the smaller portion of ramen and ingredients compared with my previous visits. The soup base was rather weak and the ramen was ... humm ... very ordinary and overly softened; not particularly delicious or special in terms of texture as well. Very disappointing indeed. The stewed pork was overly salty as well. Sigh ... I think I need to find another ramen location to replace this one. (I wonder if the Elements outlet is any better or at least of same quality as before)

  • Japanese ramen house decor
  • happy hour beer discount.
  • Crowded seating arrangement
  • Disappointing Ramen (weak soup base and soft noodles)
  • Portion seemed smaller than before
Update 23 Feb 2010:
After my months of ramen quest in Hong Kong, there are only a few that I would return and (1) Noodle House Ippei-An 麵屋一平安 @ Miramar Shopping Centre remains to be one of my favorite joints despite the recent setbacks. I am yet to try its Elements outlet and will update the experience here accordingly. My other favorite ramen joints are (2) Sapporo Japanese Restaurant 札幌元祖北海道拉麵 @ Forum, (3) Yachiyo Ramen 八千代麵坊 @ Noho. Let the Ramen quest continues!

Noodle House Ippei-An 麵屋一平安
2/F Unit 11, Miramar Shopping Centre
132 Nathan Road, TST
Tel: 2375 5330

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love this one too! too bad not many good ramen joints in hk, despite the city's ridiculous love for jap food T_T

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