Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coffee Assembly @ SoHo

In addition to Antique, another little hideaway place in the SoHo area which I frequent is the Coffee Assembly. (during Thursday to Sunday only because they are closed on the other 3 days) It is a cozy and clean environment for a coffee break, a chat or a moment for personal reflection. I love the sofa seats where you can really just sit back and relax. As the name suggests, it is purely a place for you to enjoy coffee. Of course they do offer a few food items, but coffee is the key here! Also, it is the friendly staff that really brings me back again and again to this wonderful hideaway. They treat customers as friends, they really want you to appreciate the coffee and the joy of it as well. A genuine dedication to coffee.

I needed a moment of personal reflection during lunch break so there I was, arrived sharp at 1pm when they open for the day. I ordered an espresso made from their own TERRA - Earth blend. It was surprising smooth and soothing. I usually have their FUOCO - Fire blend but I personally prefer my selection today. If you want to check out the details of their blend, check out their website. Sorry to those latte art lovers, I did not order a latte today so no pictures of any latte art. I know I am being picky but if there can be more sunlight coming from windows, it would be a great place to spend a day on the weekend to just read under natural sunlight and have a few cups of great coffee.

  • Cozy environment
  • Very friendly staff
  • Great Coffee
  • Limited operating hours (a cup of great coffee in the morning would be nice, but I know I am asking too much ... haha)
  • Can be very crowded (and a bit noisy) during weekends due to limited seating spaces
Coffee Assembly
Cockloft, No.6 Elgin Street
Central , Soho
Tel: 2858 8153

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