Friday, July 17, 2009

Q88 @ JW Marriott

After a very satisfying dinner on a Friday night, the best thing to do was to just sit and relax and listen to some live music! Usually I come here for their lunch salad buffet @ The Lounge and rarely for drinks at night or for its live music. However, my friend suggested I should give this place a try and we did. It was a nice experience and because it was more spacious, I like it better than Salon de Ning @ The Peninsula in this respect. The decor and band wise, that's another story. I still prfer Salon de Ning. It is certain unfortunate that no more song request is allowed at Salon de Ning for some reasons because the band was pretty good indeed. Anyhow, I think I would come here again for sure after a busy day with a few friends and for a few drinks.


  • Very good service (but they should learn know more about the wines being offered)
  • Comfortable seats
  • Only one kind of free snack: Cashew - Salon de Ning @ The Peninsula has an unlimited supply of varieties of snacks on a platter including chips, nuts, chocolate and etc. (I wonder if they still offer this platter ... )
Q88 Wine Bar
Lobby level, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong,
Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty
Tel: 2841 3846


Greentea00 said...

yes ..agree ..i think Salon de Ning is better than Marriott..i like their snacks..esp the chocolates..yumm...
but if i have to choose a wine bar, i normally go to Tasting Bar or Sheraton upstairs..

Jason said...

@Greentea00: yeah! The Sky Lounge @ Sheraton is another top pick for me, especially with the view!

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