Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MISO @ Jardine House

When it comes to Japanese restaurants in the Central area, there are plenty of them especially the fancy types. However, if you are looking for a more down-to-earth and casual one, you might have trouble coming up with a suggestion. I can think of maybe just 3 or so within this category and MISO @ Jardine House is one of the few in my list. We arrived around 630pm for an early dinner and the place was pretty empty. However, with 100000000 free tables, the staff had to assign the two of us to a table in between two large crowds in the very corner of the restaurant. Of course we objected and we were assigned another table away from the large crowds in the other end of the restaurant. Now with 100000000 minus 1 tables left, the staff had to assign the next incoming customer(s) to a table beside us! What the ... !! And additional problem was that the seating arrangement was very closely packed, adding an extra sense of tightness to the seating comfort I was looking for.

(1) Sirloin Beef Rolls
Nothing surprising here. A fair dish that resembled "golden mushroom beef rolls". I personally think it would taste pretty much the same if normal beef were used instead of sirloin. The sauce was a little bit salty but it was acceptable and went well with the beef.

(2) OX tongue - Sweet Pepper + Cucumbers
Although it was under the teppanyaki section, it does not seem or taste like so. The Ox tongue seemed to be just a result of a simple pan-fried cooking process with the diced sweet pepper + cucumbers poured over the top. The sauce was slightly sweet and matched the Ox tongue pretty good.

(3) Grilled Cod fish with Miso Paste
I like fish, I like cod and I like grilled cod very much! A good source for my daily intake of Omega 3! It was well prepared and full of "fish oil." A simple but tasty dish to my liking. Also, the portion was more generous than expected. Thumbs up !

(4) Grilled Eel - Ginger Rice
A highly recommended dish by my friend and I was impressed too. The eel was good but I particularly liked the ginger rice. Only if more ginger can be used than it would have been even better. The ginger was minced very fine and mixed well together with the rice. The key was that the ginger flavor was just right, not overly strong.

(5) Hot Pot Udon
There were plenty of ingredients(ie: Beef slices and tempura) and the udon was very chewy which was good. Only after the meal was I told by my friend Lucy that the Inaniwa undon here is good as well. Maybe next time. One thing I noticed was that the egg on top of the udon was very "well done," I thought it should have been more or less raw for us to mix with the udon and soup.

  • Tasty ginger rice
  • Contemporary decor
  • Chewy / "al dente" Udon

  • Seating arrangement / assignment
  • Ox Tongue - not teppanyaki enough
  • "well done" fried egg on udon?
Avg Spending: HKD 200 - 300

Shop 15, Basement, Jardine House
Tel: 2845 8773


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