Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brunch Club @ SoHo

According to Hong Kong Observatory's weather forecast, Sunday would be a cloudy day with occasional showers or heavy rains due to the tropical storm that passed by Hong Kong the day before. Guess what? The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes this morning was the sun and its sunshine! My initial plan was to head to Discovery Bay to relax and enjoy the sun, but thanks to the forecast, plan was changed ! Anyhow, instead of heading over to Discovery Bay for brunch, my friend and I went to the Brunch Club @ SoHo instead.

Honestly, not until recently did I start to enjoy the notion of Sunday brunch. There is no need to keep yourself busy all week long. You already got yours hands tied at work Monday to Friday, the weekend should be a time to sit back and relax. There seem to be an increasing number of brunch outlets and restaurants offering weekend brunches in Hong Kong, possibly due to increasing popularity of such idea. I love to sleep so I do love brunches because of its offering time schedule. It took us a while to walk up to the Brunch Club @ SoHo but it was worth it in my opinion. The place was very cozy and although packed with people, the seating arrangement did not seem to be too crowded between tables. (There are plenty of magazines selection for those who like to enjoy their brunch with something to read.)

(1) Brunch Club Smoothies
To start of my brunch, I ordered a Brunch Club Smoothies (with the Yogurt option) because I really needed some cold drinks after the long walk up from Central! The Smoothies was very good, its flavors include Mango, Pineapple and Orange, a very refreshing beverage to start the day off! There are a wide selection of smoothies to select from as well , that's good news for smoothies lovers. One comment on the smoothie was that it was not as thick or rich as I hoped. Then again, it certainly did quench my thirst!

(2) Mix Grill
Here is what included in the Mix Grill: 2 eggs (any style), home made white multi grain toast or brown raisin and walnut toast, bacon, chicken breast, gammon ham, pork sausage, fried onion & grilled tomatoes and baked beans. Not exactly a full-scale English breakfast which I loved but good enough to brighten up my day. I was particularly impressed with the toast, the brown raisin and walnut toast which I ordered. Although it was over toasted a bit, I liked the combination of raisin (sweet) and walnut (chewy) which added extra flavors and texture to it. Thumbs up! The rest of the items were fair, nothing special or exciting except for the bacon which was very lean. (some might prefer it that way I guess). After a satisfying Sunday brunch, it is time to find a outdoor place to sit, relax, read and enjoy the Sunday afternoon under the sun. Next stop, Red Bar & Restaurant at IFC's podium.

  • Cozy environment
  • fairly comfortable seating considering the limited space
  • excellent homemade toast
  • Bacon too lean? (maybe it is an item under Likes for others?)
Brunch Club
70 Peel Street, Soho
Tel: 2526 8861

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